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watson sw 360flip

Karl Watson — Switch 360 flip at Burritoville in 1994. Photo via Ryan Gee.

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Ryan Gee joins the ranks of Lucas Puig as one of two Instagram users producing watch-worthy IG videos. He’s been posting long lens B-roll angles of various notable tricks from the early 2000s, e.g. Brian Wenning’s switch back tail big spin, Stevie’s hardflip front nose, and Kalis’ Rockaway line. There are also some motion sequences on there too, e.g. Kalis’ fakie 5-0 over the three at Love or Kerry Getz at City Hall.


Rob Campbell: Renaissance Man.

You might remember an incredible natural-looking quarterpipe spot from the Busenitz “Euro Lines” video. Well, it’s quite obviously a skate plaza, albeit an insane one, based on this Austrian DC video. As Americans, how crazy is it that a city would allot such a prime swath of public space for the sole use of skateboarders?

Zered Bassett has a “Day in the Life”-type video with some cruiser footage and a photo feature over on the Dew Tour site. Who wants to go half on a Code Red?

Vice has an awesome biographical portrait piece on Brian Anderson, which covers a lot of his life since moving to New York. (There’s skating towards the end.)

Hey, you know that thing about skateboarding’s favorite jazz song? Yeah, it retained its title with the new Krooked circle board clip.

The Accidental Playground is a new book about unsanctioned use of the Williamsburg waterfront in the early 2000s, before it was redeveloped. Just ordered it off Amazon, so there’s no telling how much of its 300+ pages are dedicated to skateboarding, but given that there’s a skate photo on the cover, you’d think it’d be a big chunk.

Eighteen classic video parts are being screened alongside a live classical piano rendition of their respective songs.

Though a photograph of a skater holding a book does not verify literacy, the stories about managing skaters in a retail environment are priceless.

In light of the recent demise of Skateboarder, former staff writer, Mackenzie Eisenhour, scanned a 2002 interview with Steve Rocco, which was conducted five years before The Man Who Souled the World was even released.

If you’re good at skateboarding and like bumps to rails, it might affect you in knowing that the handicap rail on Bowery and 5th Street is gone. They cut the flat part out.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Derrick Rose is still faster than everyone.

Quote of the Week: “I learned more from Andre Page than I did from college.” — Will Carpio

What’s better: Dreamchasers 3 or the new Cam’ron tape?

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huf back 180

How did the Ryan Hickey photo from Monday’s post manage to evade even the most resourceful scanner-based skateboard websites? Because it never appeared anywhere significant (Police Informer or Chrome Ball would’ve caught it by now) prior to Ryan Gee’s recent barrage of unseen 35mm scans from the nineties. Everything he’s been posting is east coast-centric, with a lot of Gino, Oyola and other favorites.

Say what you will about instant gratification eroding the staying power of media consumed online, but it’s likely that some of these photos would’ve never seen the light of day without Instagram. (Flickr never really popped off with skateboarders.) Gee has been posting two or three each day and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. It is pretty much the only non-@badgalriri account that is an absolute must-follow. Turns out Instagram is great for things besides lonely girls with unique lighting techniques seeking attention (♥♥♥), and making you feel like you’re missing out on stuff that probably sucks (omg #fomo follow me plz thx.) Now, if only Reda and Dimitry Elyashkevich started posting some of their archives…

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gino four

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Stay Down With My Day One Spots & We In The Video Screaming ‘No New Spots, No New Spots, No No New…’

ryan bubble banks

Ryan Hickey at the Bubble Banks (R.I.P) #nonewspots — Photo by Ryan Gee

“Take the subway? The J train? Where the fuck am I gonna go on the J train?”

Here’s a “new” old Dobbin Block clip. Dave Caddo does some sick stuff and Tufty has the best outfit in it. (Previously: Useless Times, A Quick One.)

Hey, how about a non fancy camera / regular motion Pretty Sweet remix video? Because these normal shots of Carroll’s tricks are great.

New Lurk NYC clip with a lot of noseslides (#NYNoseslides) and an overted crisis involving being hit by a delivery guy’s bike chain.

The Man Who Films put together a cool montage for Mood NYC, shot between New York and Providence. The visual effects and nondescript hip-hop instrumental loop make it feel like something that would’ve been at the end of an E.S.T. issue.

Richard Quintero edited a New York montage for Transworld as part of their “NYC Rising” series. It features every skater who lives in New York or has visited here in the past year. Good to see Houston Bump tricks making a comeback.

Chicago’s Uprise Skate Shop has a new video coming out entitled Downtown Wig Wam. We’ve talked about music supervision in Uprise videos before, and the jazzy black and white vibe of the trailer looks promising.

“Spot Rape,” a song about Bobby Puleo. “A set of stairs to a cellar door, you goddamn right, Bobby been here before.”

Well this certainly looks dangerous.

2nd Nature now has a location in Bushwick, Brooklyn, in a shared space with Post Bike Shop. Maybe that’s a place you could take the J train to?

Watch Joey Boullianne’s part in Nevermind and get emotional, and then watch the video’s friends section and collect interest off of extortions to settle your score.

Who the hell does this dude think he is to go the wrong way at Three Up Three Down?

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Tony Parker’s buzzer beater that made no sense.

Quote of the Week: “My rule for talking to girls in Philly is to never talk to a chick who’s taller than me, because if she’s taller than me, she’s a man.” — Andre Page

The investigation begins: Who moved the most recent Tompkins rail to the pedestrian path of the Williamsburg Bridge? And please don’t let it be because of some moronic, artsy photo…

Keep your kids out the kitchen!

The much mythologized Burger King at Fulton and Gold Street, of Brooklyn Banks era fame, is officially gone. Even though its relevance dwindled over the past decade (beyond the “free” refills utilized by cost-cutting skateboarders), it is still among the most prominent fast food establishments within skateboarding’s history books. Be sure to check out Quartersnacks’ Brooklyn Banks week from last summer for plenty of stories about this particular Burger King and some background info on its significance.

Kevin has a checkout in the new (April 2011) issue of Transworld. Here’s a picture of the page. It’s not a scan, so it’s not the best quality, but you can still mostly read everything there. That Sunset Park 5050 is pretty wild.

They moved a bunch of planters at the Mars 2112 bank on 50th Street and Seventh Avenue. The runway used to be a tight curve in, and now the thing is approachable from straight on. Makes a difficult spot mildly less difficult to skate.

Danny Falla already shot a photo (with snow in the background, of course) of a backside flip over the ledge to street gap across from the Federal Reserve. You can get time there, but the outdoor guards will kick you out after a while, insisting that you’re going to sue the Federal Reserve when you jump into traffic and get hit by a car. That actually sounds like a brilliant idea.

Probably the funniest video of an ollie up a curb you’ll ever see.

An interview with the man behind The Chrome Ball Incident, which addresses the frequent question of what the name means. (“The Chrome Ball Incident was a comic strip that Neil Blender used to come up with every now and then. It was a three-panel comic strip and the chrome ball would come through and just smash something.”)

Here is part two of 2nd Nature’s California trip, this time in San Jose. Check last week’s post for the Los Angeles edition. San Francisco is slated to be up next.

There’s a new, pretty gnarly-looking, all-brick quarterpipe to a wall at the Below the Bridge skatepark in Bayonne. Given the weather’s turn for the worse, it looks like refuge might continue to be sought there for quite some time.

Ryan Gee with a 1997 Quim Cardona classic at the old Jersey City Hamilton Park pyramid.

Another throwback clip of the week, thanks to the person who linked it up in the last Monday Links post: Keith Hufnagel and friends from Transworld’s fifth video, Interface. The ollie up on the bench, over the planter to lipslide on 37th Street still has to be one of the sickest tricks ever done in New York. You can catch a lot of the photos from this bit of footage in these interview scans we posted a while back.

Quartersnacks tee shirts and cruiser boards will be available for purchase off the website tomorrow morning. Real this time.

Quote of the Week:
Do you even know what The Onion is? It’s a fake newspaper.” — Tron Jenkins
Damn, really? I always think it’s mad real.” — E.J.

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