YouTube Accounts of Note

As “the endless amount of footage expands to the point where there is more skateboarding online than pornography,” it becomes necessary to apply extra discretion when subscribing to the overabundance of skateboard-based YouTube channels. The last full-on channel that we recommended was Bill Strobeck’s, and it unfortunately has not seen any new episodes since the date of that recommendation (whether or not that is due to progress on a full-length video remains to be seen.)

This year, you should subscribe to Krispy Du-rag, a Queens-based channel whose locations rarely reach beyond Maloof, Flushing, or the Astoria Park. It may not have Bill’s black-and-white penchant for haircuts and hair-dye, but it does have footage of Luis Tolentino somehow making the Maloof Park actually look interesting, homie cam clips of many Flipmode affiliates, and may possibly be sponsored by Maybach Music. If “Diamond Days” clips (new one here) are newsreels for 12th & A, “Krispy Durags” are the Queens alternative.

And since we’re discussing du-rags, shout out to Memphis Bleek.

By the way, the Quartersnacks for M.I.D. Collection is coming Spring 2012.