Bronx Rainbows – QS Pop-Up Spots


Photo Via Colin Sussingham

Oddly enough, the idea of this one also came by way of another sorta bad Syracuse spot. Except rather than a cement rainbow inched away from a brick wall, it was reinterpreted on the “Oh I been there once while so-and-so tried to wallride the fence” Tiffany / Huf Banks. The spot already underwent some low-key Jerry Duty via a ledge-to-bank years before, so it was rife for what could best be described as a rainbowy Venice curb propped over on a 45-degree angle midbank.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Levi’s Skateboarding for the support in these lil’ projects. Filmed by Max Hull.

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Quartersnacks Pop-Up Spots

pop up spots 1

Photos via Colin Sussingham

We love garbage. Having spent the better half of the last decade lugging trash to Tompkins, coverage of every trick to go down on it has been the lifeblood of this aimless skateboard media institution. But of course, the street debris that gets left at T.F. is fleeting. We’re lucky if it sticks around for 24 hours. We know at least 85 unemployed industrial design graduates looking for something to do on rainy days — why not create something more substantial, more permanent, and more concrete?

With the support of Levi’s Skateboarding, and partial inspiration from @mini_spots, New York Ramp Co., and simply put — the most streamlined for skating and ideal versions of mundane obstacles, e.g. a parking barrier carbon-copied off mini barriers we found in Syracuse — we created an ensemble of easily transportable concrete crap. It’s a step-up from the hunks of crap that get left at Tompkins.

Filmed by Max Hull.