Quartersnacks Pop-Up Spots

pop up spots 1

Photos via Colin Sussingham

We love garbage. Having spent the better half of the last decade lugging trash to Tompkins, coverage of every trick to go down on it has been the lifeblood of this aimless skateboard media institution. But of course, the street debris that gets left at T.F. is fleeting. We’re lucky if it sticks around for 24 hours. We know at least 85 unemployed industrial design graduates looking for something to do on rainy days — why not create something more substantial, more permanent, and more concrete?

With the support of Levi’s Skateboarding, and partial inspiration from @mini_spots, New York Ramp Co., and simply put — the most streamlined for skating and ideal versions of mundane obstacles, e.g. a parking barrier carbon-copied off mini barriers we found in Syracuse — we created an ensemble of easily transportable concrete crap. It’s a step-up from the hunks of crap that get left at Tompkins.

Filmed by Max Hull.


  1. is the song like, “oh i love ~house~” thing, or did you guys not want to make a ‘song of the summer’ statement yet by using something actually entertaining

  2. “Song of the Summer” statements are usually made at the end of the summer. Wtf am I supposed to edit to, “All The Way Up?” :/

  3. Even cooler was leaving the broken shit at Monument to further crumble into rocks directly in front of the curb. Thanks Levi’s and emaciated Russian teenager!

  4. I love how you are complaining about the Monument like they ruined some good spot, if you are concerned about that spot you are either 14 and learning your first grinds or 36 and holding on to the few you have left, either way congrats on your localism and I hope rollerbladers wax the ground

  5. Doesn’t matter how harsh Monument is, the golden rule is always leaving the spot like you found it.

    Lol @T.F. “SEMI” OG

    Definitely another kid from California out here for Art School.

    State your name sweetheart, would love to see those “Semi OG” credentials.

  6. Damn and all this time I thought the golden rule was to shred spots and fuck the rest

  7. Man I’ve been living in Williamsburg for eight years damn these pesky transplants crowding up Five Leaves every Sunday!

  8. Stay away from Enid’s fam, that’s my spot. Shout out T.F. Semi OG, I was in the wrong. Realizing now you’re probably from Florida and love Rip-N-Dip. I also enjoy those bad boy graphic Tee’s. Hope we can settle this like real alternative flat ground sk8’rs and hit a body varial together.

  9. Nothing wrong with those boys, they rip. Getting corporate marketing/ad dollars to film a clip and leaving a sack of broken shit in front of the only reasonable thing to skate at the spot was the issue.

    Bless those loose trucks.

  10. coolguys did a kook thing. it happens. not the first time, won’t be the last. learn from mistakes and move on.


  12. Monument spot is trash. I was skating there in 02 when i lived on Dunham Pace, when none of you had prolly even graduated high school. Fuck that place, but dude got a point. You getting checks, clean up after yourselves.

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