Bronx Rainbows – QS Pop-Up Spots


Photo Via Colin Sussingham

Oddly enough, the idea of this one also came by way of another sorta bad Syracuse spot. Except rather than a cement rainbow inched away from a brick wall, it was reinterpreted on the “Oh I been there once while so-and-so tried to wallride the fence” Tiffany / Huf Banks. The spot already underwent some low-key Jerry Duty via a ledge-to-bank years before, so it was rife for what could best be described as a rainbowy Venice curb propped over on a 45-degree angle midbank.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Levi’s Skateboarding for the support in these lil’ projects. Filmed by Max Hull.

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  1. fucking sweet

    it actually looks like an aesthetic improvement to the bank too

    keep the pop up spots coming

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