Shut Down Champs, Did the Fool in Prada

Today marks exactly five years since the release of The Inspiration, which is the second most important motivational masterpiece to come out during this website’s existence (first here.) In honor of this sacred date, above is the limited edition 1-of-10 Quartersnacks x The Inspiration custom griptape sheet. On a side note, the mixtape prelude to this album, had some serious bangers that QS will happily cut a thousand-dollar check for, provided they are CDQ versions without DJ Drama yelling nonsense all over them. If only Jeezy still made music like this…

Apparently, the school/park has began removing the “real” ledges from 12th & A, and threw out all the portable obstacles. One less place to skate during the day without getting kicked out. Great. R.I.P. 12th & A.

The Flipmode production house released a short, purple-tinged b-sides clip featuring their standard roster. Kids seem to really like Spaceghostpurp and lean references these days, huh.

If you started skateboarding around the time Photosynthesis came out, you’ve maybe wondered what happened to Pat Corcoran. Well, he dropped by a recent Chrome Ball post dedicated to him, and set the record and rumor-mongering straight with a detailed, yet completely punctuation-less comment.

Skateboard filmers who take themselves serious enough to make memes about filmer faux pas are probably the worst thing about skateboarding. We mix SD & HD, stretch SD, and chop it up to Rihanna & 2 Chainz, all in one clip.

The crew over at Seasons Skateshop in Albany uploaded a clip from deep in the archive of some of our homies. Wonderful soundtrack choice, and the only place online you’re going to see Ben Baptiste do a kickflip backside tailslide.

Strobeck clips tend to get re-blogged heavy, but in case you missed it, a remix of some older ones from the mid-to-late 2000s went up on YouTube yesterday.

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman: “Yeah, 2008 was a good summer.”
Alexander Mosley: “Of course it was a good summer, every summer is a good summer. You never hear anyone say ‘Yeah, that was a good winter.'”

Thanks to everyone who reposted our Best of 2011 Clip: Yaba Zoo, First Cut is the Cuttiest, Huckstep Life, Wheelbite, A-City-Crew, Handsome As Fuck, Trilogy Tapes, Humidity Skateshop, Waters & Army, Street Feed, Playboard, Network Skate, Dank Mag, Recordings of Boardings, Le Boom Blog, Grey Magazine, Hella Trill, Cream Mag, Domliebe, Throw Up the Horns, Le Site Du Skateboard, and 48 Blocks.

New York, Ten Years Ago

For some reason, between now and some sort of ill-advised session at cutting this out of a magazine ten years ago, I lost whatever archival steps I had taken at preserving this article. That is, until The Chrome Ball Incident came to the rescue and provided scans of it so Quartersnacks may share them with you. The Chrome Ball is basically like The Library of Congress when it comes to skateboarding, except probably better organized, since I’ve haven’t heard many flattering things about The Library of Congress’ organization skills.

This article originally appeared in the July 2000 issue of Transworld. All of the photography and words are by Tony Cox. Normally, I’d be making sarcastic comments about drugs and art school when dealing with an article that has the phrase “Sharing eternal moments learning that time doesn’t really exist” in the intro, but this thing is just such a far cry from anything that Transworld would do today that it’s hard not to admire the sort of direction they were occasionally known to go ten years ago. The whole thing is essentially a scrapbook-like layout with little rhyming captions scribbled underneath each photo, and minus the Corcoran 5050, none of the tricks are really the sort of things you expect a magazine like Transworld to run (then and now.) It is the closest they have probably come to channeling a full-on homie ‘zine. Occasional changes of pace like this, and those “A *insert city here* Minute” where they’d dedicate two pages to random cities in the U.S., are some of the fondest memories I have from the days when I actually still opened skateboarding magazines more than twice a year.

Thanks again to The Chrome Ball for a neverending effort in bringing things we never thought we’d see again back to surface. All of the photos are enlargeable.

That “Summer heat keeps us asleep” photo is just a distant memory right now. Anyone claiming “If if it was the summer, you’d be complaining about the heat” can go to hell. As can anyone who complains about heat. Winter hurts, summer can get uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt.

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