An Interview With Lurker Lou

Lurker Lou ruined skateboarding. When he snapped Matt Militano’s board during Slap’s One in a Million show (not even first try!), he singlehandedly took away all the fun there was to be had in riding a skateboard. We sat down with Lou to discuss why he is so hell-bent on destroying skateboarding, and why he hates America’s children.


Where are you from, and how did you get into skating?

I’m from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The actual town is Dennisport, which is a small town, kinda white trash, dead all year, crazy in the summertime. My dad used to own a liquor store, and it had a drive-thru, and all these kids used to skate in there. My older brother had two friends who skated, and they sold me a used board for super cheap, so I started going out with them. I was turning 11, and they were 16.

How’d you end up moving to New York?

That was all Zered.

When did you originally meet him?

I met him when I was in 8th grade, he was the talk of Cape Cod. I never got out of my town to skate much, but as I got older, I’d go to other towns and link up with different dudes to skate. I met Zered at a contest. He won, and I think I got 3rd place. He lived two towns away, and after that, I just started going to his skatepark. He got on Zoo, and they got him an apartment here with Billy [Rohan] and Brian Brown. I’d just crash on an air bed, then Billy got kicked off and I took over his room. As soon as I moved here, we started filming Vicious Cycle.

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Spike Lee Need To Get This Shit On Film

Nothing like a good front shove. Ishod Wair at some secret gap spot. Photo by Zander Taketomo.

As if Matt Mooney getting busted for the croissant heist of the century after tweeting about it wasn’t enough, here’s further evidence that you should avoid social media after committing idiotic hilarious “crimes.”

Chris Nieratko interviews the judges, skaters, and producer from this year’s mess of a One in a Million series. What are skateboarders who spend an unhealthy amount of time typing YouTube comments going to complain about now? (Full QS interview with Lurker Lou coming this week or next at the latest. Weather has been nice, so transcribing/editing has been slow.)

Called it. Lil’ Wayne inks an endorsement deal with Supra. (Original post here.)

Here’s a New York-based “Day in the Life” clip with Danny Supa. More “lifestyle” stuff than actual skating, but the song makes it great. Any skate clips edited to a song off AZ’s first few albums are more or less guaranteed a link here — maybe even that Tyrone Olson part where he skates to “Sugar Hill.”

Someone is making a documentary about Harry Jumonji. The interviews in the trailer seem real honest and unfiltered, so it definitely has the potential to be great. Watch the trailer here.

Andre Page flatground lines at the T.F., Hawaiian shirts, strobe lights, and an avoidance of the most notorious line off that “Ass” song, all in this GoPro clip.

The VHS aesthetic continues with Twomanji, a video whose description boasts the revitalization of laserdiscs.

Pro skaters giving back to the community, one worn-out ledge at a time.

Some new photos over on the Dunions Tumblr, including one that solves the mystery of what happens to Tompkins’ legendary cones. (A dog ate them. No, really.)

KCDC temporarily moved to 68 N. 3rd for the summer. It’s still off the Bedford stop, but a bit further west than before (closer to the bridge, as well.)

Bill Strobeck recommends some music over on The World’s Best Ever for people who don’t mind playlists that exclude Meek Mill. Oh, and Dreamchasers 2 comes out Monday, May 7th.

R.I.P. Os Dias Do Video, the internet’s leading destination for pirated skate videos.

Quote of the Week:

FOR THE 21.3% OF QS READERSHIP THAT FOLLOWS SPORTS: In commemoration of the regular NBA season ending this week, here are JaVale McGee’s top eight dumbest plays. The most entertaining player in the league, but not in a Derrick Rose sort of way. We’re eternally grateful that he got traded to a playoff team, because it means at least an extra week of this.


By some miracle of modern science, the Dunions now have a Tumblr: We have high hopes, but low expectations. Slicky Boy insists that he’s “getting his tricks back,” and returning to conquer the heelflip tailslide (obtaining a $38 reward) this spring. More history on the Dunions’ significance here.

Also in the realm of the strange, Palace collaborated with Umbro on some soccer “football” gear, and it came out looking really sick. It’s weird when you actually think to yourself “Damn, I want that Umbro shirt,” but unfortunately, it looks like availability will be limited to the UK. More info at i-D magazine.

CRAZY ILL THROWBACK OF THE WEEK, SON!: Josh Velez A.K.A. Josh Veledge in the 2006 Queens/Long Island-based $20 Off No Tax video. “We should go back to that low two-stair ledge in Staten Island one day.” “Helicopter up the two with Jordan 1s, fam.”

Most people stopped paying attention, but there’s some drunk skating and a crazy session down that awful Chinatown Park double-set in the new Slap One in a Million segment.

Sitting on a bench, profiling, and drinking iced coffee is one of the quintessential summer in New York skateboarding experiences, so you might be interested to know why cold coffee costs more than hot coffee (thus cutting into your summer alcohol budget.)

Recent happenings in the world of #stylez: 1) #phatmomz. 2) Should Arizona Iced Tea begin making more gear, it’d be an inevitable hit among the skate crowd. Arizona and 2 Bros. definitely haven’t maximized on their abundant merchandizing opportunities.

Spot Updates (but not really): 1) They built in-ground mini picnic tables at the old S-Gap on Water Street, but then surrounded it with rubber, so there’s actually no way to skate them. The dream is over. Think of what could have been! 2) Weekend hockey started back up at the T.F. They caution taped the benches off, and we all cried.

T-Bird made a mix to get you hyped before getting drunk. (Disclaimer: It has zero 2 Chainz appearances.)

Updates and things should pick back up this week.

The Day Skateboarding’s Holiest Annual Tradition Was Corrupted

It’s interesting how quick the consensus on this year’s One in a Million changed. In less than a week, it went from “These kids are all boring, have no personality, and say ‘like’ a lot,” to “I can’t believe they eliminated my favorite skater in the whole thing! Slap is a joke! Lurker Lou sucks!” and a YouTube like v.s. dislike ratio typically reserved for J. Cassanova videos (shout out to RE1000.) In other words, “Damn there are no dickheads this year…I miss Forrest,” to “Lurker Lou is such a dickhead! I’m gonna go hit the thumbs down button on all his video parts!”

Knowing next to nothing about reality shows (shout out to Jersey City), it still wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume there are thousands of heated arguments on YouTube pages of America’s favorite reality stars getting axed too early or unfairly. It’d also be fair to assume most reality show producers judge the success of their shows based on how much people debate their outcomes. Go look at the YouTube page for the latest episode of OIAM to see how that’s turning out. Pretty sure its view count has been significantly bolstered by people returning to argue about stupid shit. Everyone debating the sanctity of a reality show sponsored by Mountain Dew needs to relax.

After you’ve taken a deep breath, and come to terms with the fact that skateboard reality shows and the fates of a dozen kids who got an all-expense-paid trip to New York and free product are not that serious, watch the clip below. It’s a bunch of street footage from some of the One in a Million kids, filmed mostly downtown. That kid Matt Militano, who’s life might be forever scarred because he was eliminated from One in a Million, has a lot of sick stuff. He skates a bit like Stefan Janoski, but with a weirder trick selection.

[ATTN: People afraid of sports, the clip below has actual skateboarding in it. Don’t be dissuaded by the thumbnail.]

It’s edited to the sounds of Allan Houston’s game-winning play from the 1999 playoffs. With the Knicks on track to being the 8th seed this season, we could definitely go for a bit of history repeating itself. Now, we can talk about reality shows, or Jeremy Lin…Let’s focus on Jeremy Lin for now.

P.S. You should watch a Lurker Lou part before complaining on the internet about how he sucks at skating.

Tropical Storm Bloomberg Links

Well, that was fun. Bloomberg just might end up looking like the boy who cried wolf next time there’s a serious weather threat. In case you missed it, check out our post of 10 hurricanes better than Irene. That photo up top was stolen from The New York Times‘ Irene gallery.

It’s easy to imagine Kennedy Cantrell and Matt Militano being inevitable local favorites whenever the Slap One in a Million goes down in New York. Are they old enough to get into Le Bain is the real question though.

Rick Howard + The song from the drunk scene in Mean Streets = Must post, even if everyone has already seen it.

If J. Crew insists on making a “Tompkins pant,” there is an issue of when Tompkins’ principal shareholders and Board of Trustees can expect to start receiving their dividends. (There also appears to be a Ludlow suit, hopefully J. Crew doesn’t disregard this issue too long, otherwise, it’s bound to turn into a class action lawsuit from the Ludlow Street Drunks and the Tompkins Square Park Skaters.)

Brian Delatorre landed a spot on the Habitat roster. Here’s his new Firing Line.

Last week, someone frontside nosegrinded down the Black Hubba. This week, somebody backside flips over it in a clip by recent Richmond, VA expatriates.

Piro Sierra 5050s that gigantic rail in The Bronx by Lincoln Hospital at 0:29 in this Naysayer Skateboards clip. Take him to the Rutgers Newark 18-stair rail next. And since we’re talking about The Bronx, watch this clip of Olu Stanley shredding to “(Still) Not a Player.”

Before the iPhone killed off the VX1000, there was a smartphone manufacturer called “Blackberry.” Below is a clip filmed by Emilio Cuilan on his Blackberry, dating from 2007 to 2009, and featuring Ty Lyons, Billy McFeely, Black Dave, Kevin Tierney, Yaje, and a bunch of other TF people.

There’s a new spot across the street from C.I.A. (next to the Starbucks), in the form of a short manual pad off a low drop. It’s a two-second bust, but someone’s going to get footage on it.

Quote of the Week:Seinfeld is about life before cell phones.” — Matthew Mooney

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