Alex Olson x Dylan Rieder Charity T-Shirt Auction

Skateboarding’s two most handsome socialites have put their differences aside, and are collaborating on a one-of-a-kind “Nightlife Beef” t-shirt for an eBay charity auction, referencing a dark time when tensions still ran high. Proceeds go to purchasing plane tickets and accommodations for underprivileged socialite skateboarders otherwise unable to make it to this year’s Fall Fashion Week, so they could frolic with models, test their namedropping skills at doors, possibly pick up a cocaine habit, and sell their skateboard to pay for brunch. The description reads: “Alex Olson / Dylan Rieder ‘nightlife beef’ shirt. size large. unworn.” Also worth noting is that this charity auction is being conducted by former rabies victim / condom factory worker / Battery Park Russian hat salesman turned auctioneer, Bob Sacamano (now evidently based out of Rochester.)

Bid now, because many appraisals are already estimating that this item will exceed the $30,000 ending bid on Nike’s 1-of-1 eBay Dunks.

Stevie Wonder, Stevie Wonder…

Unidentifiable QS member caught at a rendezvous in front of the Strip Club Ledge with a short young lady, proceeding a wild night at Westway. In other socialite gossip, Quartersnacks might have the highest volume of OK Cupid members on its roster compared to any other skate crew. Guess which three and win a date with Matt Mooney.

We’ve been away for the better half of two weeks (no Monday links last week), so some of these may not be so new to those that have spent the past two weeks on the internet…

Missing Persons is a sick little New York based video, with a jazzy retro vibe and some solid local skating. Originally only released on VHS, but now available on YouTube in full. You already know that there is nothing held in a higher regard than night footage within the Quartersnacks Book of Aesthetic Guidelines, so give it a whirl before you leave the house for a late session.

Paulgar recently dropped a seven minute digi-cam clip featuring Brian Delatorre, Ted Barrow, and others.

Steve Nash skates to the ball courts in Battery Park every morning to practice his shot. Those sound like real wheels too, not soft cruiser wheels. Can we please figure out a way for this dude to finish his career off in New York? Or better yet, a (non-Miami) team with an actual chance to win a title in the next three years? No other NBA vet deserves a ring more.

The Washington Mutual / Grand and Graham spot in Williamsburg is done for. The bank installed rails in front of the two inclines. They saved a wall in a parking lot from getting black marks on it…what a great use of money. Spotted via Hella Trill.

Transition skater mastermind, Corey Rubin half skating, half modeling tee shirts at the new bank sculpture over at Bowery Stadium.

An interview with one of Queens’ finest skateboarders, Joseph Delgado, discussing Queens nostalgia, sidewalks, and the infamous Remedy video.

Santa Cruz hopped on the oddly-shaped cruiser wave, and put out a set of Simpsons character cruiser boards. Just wait until Nexus of the Universe (Quartersnacks’ Seinfeld-themed skateboard company) releases an introductory Todd Gack pro model. Lomez, Brody, and Bob Sacamano pro models out in the fall.

Stevie Wonder” > “Otis”

Quote of the Week:Andy Warhol is wack, all he did was take shit and color correct it.” — E.J.

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