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(We have already made it obvious that we are fair weather football fans.)

Power surges aside, it has been a slow news week.

A devout skate archivist needs to scan the entire Big Brother “Black Issue” and put it online for Black History Month. Bob Shirt has a few scans, though not the comprehensive issue: Kareem Campbell interview, Kareem interviewing Keenan Milton, and a Jahmal Williams interview.

After exhausting Lil’ Wayne coverage in 2012, we promised to move past his skate-related pursuits in the new year. Then, he stalled on a quarterpipe, and made it rain on five strippers. So there’s that. (Screenshot here if you don’t want to sit through eight minutes of Lil’ Wayne footage. Shout out to the person on Facebook who reported that photo as inappropriate due to a heavily pixelated tit.) Even so

The One Up Skateshop crew in Pittsburg always puts out quality videos, so here’s a new Nick Panza part and the first half of their 2012 promo.

Do you think this kid could boardslide around the entire rail at Marcus Garvey?

Listen to Roctakon rant about DJing, Chief Keef and sorority girls in Megadeth shirts.

Our good friend Jason Lecras has an interview up with Staf magazine. The words are in Spanish, but the photos are still great.

There’s a new, kinda boring commercial of Kyrie Irving skating at the Berrics. But expecting an NBA player to do anything on a skateboard besides stand on it might be unreasonable. (How about putting Uncle Drew on a skateboard?)

Git Buck is a new Providence, RI-based video with what looks like a good bit of New York footage. They uploaded a select part here and you can watch the teaser here.

Spot Updates: In case anybody cares (nobody cares), the scaffolding is off those seven-stair rails on 95th Street. Slowwwwww news week, man.

Astute Observation of the Week:This is pretty much the absolute limit of how ‘good’ a video part is allowed to be before it becomes unwatchable.” — Canadian Connor regarding Ishod Wair’s Sabotage 3 part

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week — Throwback Edition: In light of the Raptors trading for Rudy Gay, here is perhaps the greatest NBA video ever…”Raptor Fan goes nuts after Rudy Gay shoots Game Winner.”

Quote of the Week:


The Most Insane Response to “How Was Your Birthday?” Ever

Another cold-ass week ahead. Stay warm.

Brand New Bugatti, Still Pumping 87 Unleaded

Dominican Vanna White.” Photo by Emilio Cuilan.

QS Snackman tees are now available at Supreme. 274 Lafayette Street. Both in white and black. Sorry, no smalls. Medium, large and XL only.

Another round of mostly Manhattan-set Death Video throwaways.

Fred Gall, Jahmal Williams, Ricky Oyola and Joel Meinholz went into the woods of New England for Labor Day with a bunch of guns and somehow, no accidents happened. The photo of Oyola shooting a gun will probably be Photoshopped a million different ways and re-posted all over Slap and Tumblr by the end of the week.

Torey Pudwill skates his first cellar door. It’s for Red Bull, so there’s some jock narration in there. The bump to smith grind and the flatground backside flip on the bike path are tight though. Cameos from Zered Bassett and Quentin Tolentino.

Well, it’s safe to say that every fifteen-to-eighteen-year-old who hangs out at Tompkins is screwed. “Regular use of marijuana during adolescence can lead to irreversible IQ loss, findings from a long-range study suggest.”

If I could have two skateboards in the history of skateboards, they would be the the 1996 Keenan Milton Chocolate Knicks game deck, and Andre Page’s War Effort pro model.

Have you guys seen Matt Mooney’s runway debut yet? #NYFW2012

Here’s a chill .GIF of almost naked girls holding QS shirts up. Go buy one.

If you need a stock photo for a pamphlet that warns kids about gangs, you could simply use a picture of some skateboarders. No wonder the Tribeca Skatepark resembles a jail…

Jeff Lenoce’s part in Baker Has a Deathwish should’ve been the last time Lil’ Wayne came anywhere near skateboarding. “Suck my skateboard.”

Reggie Miller admits that he pushed Greg Anthony in the 1995 playoffs during his hall of fame induction speech. Regardless, everyone in New York still hates him.

Quote of the Week: “People with friends don’t have condos.” — Jack Sabback

Thanks to everyone who linked and retweeted our “Phattest Outfits” article.

The 30 Phattest Outfits in Skate Video History: 1992-2012

Happy fall fashion week. We hope that you are fashion-forward during these next several days, and wish you the best of luck in sparking a brief romance with a lonely stylist’s assistant before the week is out.

In honor of this most festive of weeks, we have compiled a somewhat comprehensive guide to the best gear from the past twenty years’ worth of skate videos. Skateboarding didn’t just begin “embracing fashion,” as some misinformed outfits have recently reported. Fashion has been stealing shit from skaters for years. (Luckily, they left Javier Nunez’s City Stars jeans alone.) Here’s the proof: All the jerseys, sweats, camo, braids, insane patches, sweater vests and swooshy pants that you could ever hope for. Yes, there are omissions. No, it isn’t in order. Thanks to Roctakon, Boss Bauer, Sweet Waste, Jack Sabback and Jason from Frozen in Carbonite for their contributions to this post.

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First you drink Snapples, now you sipping Mo’?

Where is Royal Flush right about now?” It’s funny how when you skate, there’s “the Jake Johnson song,” “the Rick McCrank song,” “the Mariano song,” etc. “Worldwide” by Royal Flush is most definitely the Keenan song. Just check the YouTube comments.

In our annual Keenan Milton R.I.P. / reminder of how Mouse is the best skate video ever post, here is Keenan and Gino’s part from Mouse plus the radio skit near the end, with commentary from Spike Jonze, Aaron Meza, Eric Koston, Guy Mariano, Mike Carroll, and Rick Howard. It’s from the Girl/Chocolate box set, which you should most likely already own. (It’s $32 on Crailtap, if you don’t.) It’s not much, just Mariano talking about how you can only use “timeless hip-hop” if you’re using it for a video part, as opposed to, you know, Band of Horses or some emo shit. We firmly disagree with his entire non-“hot song of the month” stance either way. There’s some stuff in there about the good-ol’-days when Spike Jonze didn’t know how to use a greenscreen, too.

Mouse: A Jive-Assed Saga of Epic Proportions

Seems like a good day to get into this…

We brought out the pom-poms to celebrate Trilogy turning 15, but it should be mentioned that in the company-wide artistic achievement rankings, World’s masterpiece is in a close second place for best skate video of 1996. It might seem weird to first see a four-year-old video in 2000 and be able to say it’s your favorite for the next ten years, as most VHS tapes we hold dear to our hearts are intertwined with some bit of nostalgia from the period they’re from, but Mouse has somehow held up to be the best front-to-back skate video to this day. There was a more generous definition of age back then, as it took years for a video to become old, now it takes a few weeks. Keep in mind that videos had a much longer literal shelf life in 2000, as Active and CCS still had Las Nueve Vidas De Paco and Welcome to Hell listed on their video page three or four years later. Hell, Autumn had *sealed* copies of Memory Screen in 2001…it’d be surprising if Autumn had copies of Since Day One right now.

The best soundtrack (Frozen and Carbonite already discussed the joy of finding sample sources via Girl and Chocolate videos, a musical direction they have unfortunately abandoned in recent productions), the most iconic part of the 90s in Mariano, Koston’s most all-around rewatchable part, Gino’s nollie cab back tail, even B-list roster members like Burger Boy coming through with timeless parts (Two steps to a great video part: skate fast and skate to Earth Wind & Fire), and something that is otherwise an anomaly — skits that are as worthy of repeat viewing as the video itself. 38 minutes of neglecting that the fast forward button was invented. How many other videos can you watch the whole way through, intros, B-list roster, and skits included?

We told you to buy the Girl & Chocolate box set four years ago. You’re an idiot if you didn’t. Hopefully that mouse from the Keenan skit is magically still alive so we could buy it a beer.

(This has been uploaded on YouTube by three different people. None of the versions have the audio because due to the Curtis Mayfield song, the good folks over at Warner Music Group decided to strip the audio away. Here is is with audio in tact.)

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