The Footage Machine Known as Mark Sucio & A Corresponding 21 Questions

mark suciu courthouse fakie flip

Do skate companies watch footage of Mark Suciu and believe they are entitled to demand more from their riders than they already do — similar to how young professionals are “always clocked in” in the post-BlackBerry era?

Are less productive pros “mad?”

Have less productive pros offered him drugs in an effort to curb his productivity, thus leveling various playing fields and whatnot?

Does any Love Park 1.0 / “Eastern Exposure era” or Love Park 1.5 / “Photosynthesis era” skater (short of maybe Kalis) have a longer total running time of footage in their overall career than Mark Suciu’s 2012-2013 output?

What’s the expiration date on the “Love Park is back” narrative?

Does he “not count” because he’s from Cali?

Does Ishod “count” more because he’s not from Cali?

Can Philadelphia-area higher education facilities and their student loan affiliates please acknowledge the millions of dollars skateboarding has sent their way? A statue of Kalis and/or Stevie would be nice.

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