The Footage Machine Known as Mark Sucio & A Corresponding 21 Questions

mark suciu courthouse fakie flip

Do skate companies watch footage of Mark Suciu and believe they are entitled to demand more from their riders than they already do — similar to how young professionals are “always clocked in” in the post-BlackBerry era?

Are less productive pros “mad?”

Have less productive pros offered him drugs in an effort to curb his productivity, thus leveling various playing fields and whatnot?

Does any Love Park 1.0 / “Eastern Exposure era” or Love Park 1.5 / “Photosynthesis era” skater (short of maybe Kalis) have a longer total running time of footage in their overall career than Mark Suciu’s 2012-2013 output?

What’s the expiration date on the “Love Park is back” narrative?

Does he “not count” because he’s from Cali?

Does Ishod “count” more because he’s not from Cali?

Can Philadelphia-area higher education facilities and their student loan affiliates please acknowledge the millions of dollars skateboarding has sent their way? A statue of Kalis and/or Stevie would be nice.

Do kids still bother trying to get sponsored?

Are Mark Suciu and Ishod bound to convince kids to give up and just skate for da fun of it, or are kids dumb and going to try and get sponsored anyway?

Do people (mostly YouTube commenters) realize that the “AM” distinction is arbitrary and in no way indicative of skill-level, but an alternate name for the waiting period in which companies figure out how to promote the said AM’s first board? (“Why isn’t he pro yet?!?” = “Why hasn’t his board sponsor devised a coverage strategy that would best promote a skateboard with his name on it?”)

Is the term “flow” bound to become equally meaningless as it correlates to skill-level, considering Forrest Edwards has yet to elevate above his cult hero status and into the mainstream?

Did The Skateboard Mag’s YBAm award actually exist prior to this year, and why did they choose an acronym that bears so much resemblance to YMCMB?

Dude, like, how slow is print — year’s best lists, in MARCH? That’s like saying “Happy New Year” in March. Get real! The internet is already talking about this year’s S.O.T.Y, guys.

Is arguing about S.O.T.Y. pointless when it so obviously favors those who partake in recent Thrasher-endorsed content?

Does Mark Suciu’s past willingness to partake in Thrasher-endorsed content + current AM status + inevitable turning pro culminate into a “Mark Suciu Gets S.O.T.Y. and Turns Pro”-part that Thrasher has already discussed with Habitat and earmarked in their editorial schedule?

Is skateboarding lucrative enough for betting sites to begin placing odds on S.O.T.Y?

Is the “Hopkins grind” the real name of that overturned front truck backside noseblunt thing, and if so, who is Hopkins?

Is Habitat getting rid of its pros that are easily distinguishable from one another? Is Tim O’Connor retired from the game?

On first watch, did anyone think that he would grind all three of the bars at Puerto Rican park, and isn’t it scary how that isn’t very far fetched?

Does an over-circulated bill still lose its value / did Lil’ Wayne peak in 2006, or does inflation not apply to skateboarding?

R.I.P. Nate Dogg


  1. honestly thought he was going to grind all three rails and then do a lipslide on the next ledge

    i would put absolutely nothing past the dude

  2. he just ended any debate on the “East coast is harder to skate than west coast” argument.

  3. Like Ishod and Jake Johnson… Mark Suciu is one of the few people right now that are going to make this next generation of skating as proper as the last few have been…

    In fact, to use the Snackman’s language, I’d say it is solely because of people like him that we can be so lucky for a LOVE Park 2.0 to even exist.

    Seriously, just seeing LOVE being skated like that again was almost unbelievable. Suciu is like the analog of c. Photosynthesis Anthony Pappalardo•… while they skate differently, Pappalardo ignited a subtle paradigm shift and opened the eyes of current pros at the time. Suicu is doing the same thing as we speak through his own skateboarding.

    It’s good there are people like this to maintain the integrity of skateboarding as an american art form and i’d honestly say this recent footage inspires me to skate more, spend less time cowering in the corner and more time trying to fulfill my own potential.

    P.S I’m sure Wayne Shorter or John Coltrane or Charles Mingus cried in frustration through their playing there instruments… that’s passion yo.

  4. Also,

    shout out to Chris Mulhern for not caring to shoot HD much yet still filming skateboarding in HD better than most… he understands cameras.

  5. That second line with the switch feeble on the rail: ghosttown 12 Monkeys vibes.

    The dude is a champ, doubly so, for NOT flinging himself down the Love stairs, and for finding two new ways to kill that Fred Gall rail.

    Can you imagine how stoked us olds woulda been if this woulda been on some b&w edit and weirdly tuned guitars? #danwolfe (manolo remix idea #586)

  6. If you think dude even close to brought Love back or is the only one rocking out there you live under a rock fam. Big up to Devon Connell and the real Philly heads.

  7. dudes soft, doesn’t count. givin inspiration for entitled white SoCal kids who wanna adopt that east coast aesthetic for sure though. how you gonna talk shit on jersey? lookin bitchmade when ya crys to petillo though. ain’t bout puttin the fam on his back. fred n o’connor shoulda shit on this kid. no grit no grime just some clean cut cali youth with a twinkle toe style being brought to “creative” spots. kids all bout it though. not feelin.

  8. Suciu rips. That YBA ~ YMCMB connection was kind of tenuous though. I’ve found myself making the same leap from BSM to BDSM before – as if the Brick Squad dudes are super into whips and chains and leather apparel.

  9. shout out to STOP FAKIN those are the true heads holding down philly, they actually learned to skate there.suciu just adding “destroyed love” to his resume.

  10. uh someone please re-edit this to fredo santana war, or future karate chop, those are two epics of modern trap rap and would be far more fitting for such crazed skateboarding. I feel Mulhern’s videos and editing, but this shit was mad boring with that lullaby-esk song

  11. top 3 of the corniest mulhern edits of the past month

    1 “high up” lyric when quim lands a high ollie
    2 “circles…” lyric as sucui cirles around during fs board line
    3 “brotherly love” philly edit

    sucui is cali to the fullest stop faking b

  12. Good edit. Mulhern’s work is really good.
    A lot of effort and thought must be put in to produce so much work recently between Suciu and Mulhern. Keeping motivated to film and skate a lot in the winter is hard.(Even if it were your day {part time} job)

    Suciu is killing it, and free web content like this is very impressive.

    The west coast guy on the east coast thing seems like a really dumb point. Doubt many Cali skaters could hold it down like Suciu or even be bothered to try.

  13. Ty Nitty Get ya wipes,

    I am from a town right around Newark, NJ and have ulterior motives… I don’t know anything about some Mark Suicu/NJ insider tabloid because I’m here for the skateboarding…

    I know Devon Connell, Rich Adler, at the Few and Far Between guys etc. and of course they’re apart of resurrecting LOVE.

    However, if you are going to get all caught up with the fact that he’s from San Jose like you’re backing up Kalis’ in some territorial argument 10 years ago then I think you’re wrong.

    And I think its a trifest of looks to discount this skating as “tippy toe/contrived east coast style” and even worse to use the whole “being brought to creative spots’ argument in the context of LOVE. Open your eyes. LOVE is just hard.

    dez nitty,

    I put that * next to Pappalardo’s name cause I was going to write something at the bottom that said “this of course includes Wenning”… I’m just biased and especially like Pappalardo’s skating.

  14. habitat is biding on kids who can do crazy changing hips tricks because they look sexy for internetkids who get super horny after watching suciu and gillette . i said . let habitat make money ,but they need to let tim o connor and fed gall join the politic brand, and in a few years the ll have ( durante , renaud , gall , o connor , puleo , cardona , brown …..) NJSCUM

  15. I’m no professional skateboarder, but I’ve offered Mark drugs in the past, trying to slow him down, with no avail.
    Kid’s too good for skateboarding, and even too good for drugs.

  16. “In fact, to use the Snackman’s language, I’d say it is solely because of people like him that we can be so lucky for a LOVE Park 2.0 to even exist.

    Seriously, just seeing LOVE being skated like that again was almost unbelievable.”

    no nigga

  17. ya moms feelin this soft cordial d.a.r.e. kid and he flyin round fakin that east coast image so kids feelin it too. win-win. you know mad heads be poppin boners on they computer when they get a glimpse of sock in a skate line. whats good with the jersey hate though. wenning stomp that ass down then do a line* in sweatpants.

    *of coke

  18. swamady,
    In that group I include Ishod Wair… Brian Douglas… Devon C… all those people. I know. he had a part in a local Philly video… he’s put in the work to be a part of that group.


    Tim ‘O Connor is one of my favorite skateboarders ever… I went to the same high-school as Quim… I get your whole perspective… NJSCUM, whatever… but “sexy hip tricks for internetkids” is talking it down.

    point is this kid is RIPPING and the ground hasn’t gotten any smoother…

  19. “Mark Suciu told me hes the NEW mayor of Philly. I told him hes out of his mind and to stay out of NJ.” – Petillo

    whats good fuckboys?

  20. dude seems like too much of a nerd to be on an ego trip like that. but then again i don’t know him and am just speaking from appearances

  21. Dont matter where you from, its where you at!

    Mark style is undeniably unique, just like his tricks/trick selection

    he is the epitome of the new skating era, showing that skateboarding isnt just about getting sponsored or going pro, he showing skateboarding in a pure art form and having fun with doing something you love.

    SOTY is a joke, its cali, nothing wrong with that, its just a different style of skating. and there are many different ways to view someone as skater of the year.

    will Mark ever backside flip a 14 in the middle of the dessert? NO

    im gonna stop now, no more typing thank god for mark suciu, and yes, mulhern shoots in HD and does a beautiful job, he does know the right way to use HD.

    this is art and some people will understand it others wont.

  22. yo eric, please remove that dick from your sphincter.

    you see this soft dude eric above? hes the kind of kid they are marketin too right now. mad kids on this “art, creative, beautiful, etc” trend right now. they think they bein different and creative but they all the same. cuffin up that pant to show a little sock, not too much though. can’t give it all away like a slut.

    kids style is undeniably soft. twinkle toe, fairy foot, tippy toe, contrived.

    that petillo quote above just seals the deal. how the fuck you gonna say you the new mayor of love park son? c’mon damn. get the fuck outta here. wish he’d go to NJ and get some shit beat into him and dirty him up a little bit. kid got talent with a board, but way to much of a diva to ever get true east coast dogs acceptance. like said above though all them entitled white socal kids that wanna play pretend like they raw gonna see this dude as the second coming pavin the way n shit.

    oyola disgraced to be in the same clip as this kid, then he gonna have the balls to say he the new mayor of philly. for real my dude?

    check this kid cryin to petillo:

  23. and the above comments once again prove why no one likes people from new jersey or that shit hole of a state!

  24. anyone crying about mark suciu killing philly is clearly mad about lots of shit and should of realized they never had a shot in this skate shit. yall never getting paid FUCK NJ

  25. Imagine people in Cali getting mad that East Coast heads come out there and get coversge. Babies.

  26. This kid puts it down. Trey flip off bench over garbage can. So much hate. If the kid is a fruit, whatever, his part is official. Nothing stopping you losers from filming, when it is freezing outside. Batty Boys.

  27. don’t let fools like nuh uh give New Jersey a bad name… we all know how important the place has been for skateboarding… and giving kids who would become some of the best skateboarders ever direct access to NYC.

    i don’t understand what you mean when you say “beautiful, creative, art trend.”

    for me, the first time I saw Photosynthesis as a young lad I knew what I was watching was art because I was amazed the same way when I’d go into the giant Museums of NYC with my school or mum. it was never a trend… ever…

    If its definitely wack if he made the effort to tell someone he knew wouldn’t like it that he’s “the mayor of philly”

    yet still, you, are definitely stuck on the most contrived trend of “defending the east coast”… You are not Oyola and I’m sure he wouldn’t be any happier to know that you’re preaching that cause.

  28. what it really is a bunch of these kids think there thugs so they try and impress people on the internet by posting pictures of there text messaging so they can look hard, key word here is “look hard” mark suciu kills it , your hate for him gonna kill you, keep hating dude we need less people like you

  29. i feel bad for him that he had to skate to that garbage ass song, but being tough is not cool anymore. Maybe that’s a bad thing, but it’s a fact. Philly is still tough though. Never met a bitch from philly that didn’t have a tat that her panties covered.

  30. For people who claim to be so raw and legit, east-coast skaters sure do bitch and whine a lot. You got your wallies and camo pants, so shut the fuck up with this bullshit.

  31. maybe wack if dude said hes mayor of philly, i wasnt there, didnt here it, mightve happened, maybe not. however, suciu rips, hes a good kid, and he kills love and everything else, like kalis (a mid western transplant) did ten years ago. dont get angry. theres room for this kid, rich adler, devon c, shawn p, etc. and jersey sewer scum. and i dont wana hear ‘this dude’s got soft style’ , mufucker please, this kid is good. i love jersey but some you dudes try to live off that ‘im the hardest’ shit. get over it. bronze videos still the best

  32. QS needs more Luis Tolentino coverage. You guys stay running coverage of Yaje, Shawn Powers, etc. I know those dudes dont get coverage in other places, but a Mike York post in 2013. Seeing how QS posts about 3 times per week, I will provide content for the other days. I wont charge you for my services. It is a win, win, win.

    QS wins, I win, and most important, the Kids win. I will look for your announcement in the upcoming days. I have mailed a urine sample along with my arrest records. If you could call my parole officer to let them know I have a job, I can probably be off the island by friday.

    I am also big on social media. I just got a motorolla razor and a fly yellow walkman. I m a sneaker head. I have 35 pairs of Vision Street Wear, and every Jordan that came out since May of 2012. My collection was featured on an episode of Off the Grid. I am huge on the berrics. Steve Bera and I had the same acting coach.

    I also am a bit of a stud. I modeled for a number of streetwear lines. I love the streets. Regular clothes dont work for me. I need clothes that say “New York to the Core” in neon green, so people don’t know that I grew up in the suburbs. I am so rugged it is unbelievable.

    If this sounds of interest to you dudes, hit me up.

    P.S. whats a Rocktacon, and where can I get one?

  33. @the rugged poser

    you should spend less time composing QS comments that aren’t funny, poignant, or ironic

  34. I was serious about more Tolentino coverage. Dude rips. And I love QS. Tres leches. The one you got your whole style from. Your name inspired mine. I hope “calledyougayonhot97” doesnt work n QS human resources dept.

    And only two lines appear on he front page, so you obviously are going to the comments to read this.

  35. dudes so amazingly good, does good tricks at hard spots, creative shit too. but for some reason i dont care? not into him, just watch these clips to see what crazy shit kids gunna do next, shit dont get my hyped to skate thou… rather watch lenny kirk

  36. Damn, some powerful comments up here. Loving `this hate shit at the moment. When did this become the Slap message board? Don’t be bringing your bullshit to the Snacks site, this is a place of refuge. Fuck outta here, coming at New Jeru ain’t a good look either- “ya moms feelin this soft cordial d.a.r.e kid” should be your favorite rapper’s rapper diss line of the month. I thought the mayor of Philadelphia was Michael Nutter? Lotta entitlement and shot calling going down. Some of you need a time out-no juice and cookies for you lil kids, you need a nap cuz’ you seem really cranky.

  37. as someone from philly, all you bitter ass east coast heads need to relax, skateboarding is going to die out here if you keep the attitude that if someone skates in the city they are fucking with hallowed ground. sure there is a lot of history around here, but that’s history. i think it’s sick that suciu is choosing philly as a destination it seems like that is very rare these days for foreigners, as much as people will hate, him and mulhern x berrics are making philly more relevant again for skateboarding. also suciu straight rips

  38. Gotta be honest didn’t know who the fuck in their right mind would make an edit in Philly with a bitchass song like that and find out y’all fuckin with some berrics guy? Shit did match the ballerina style goin on though. Gotta make sure to document baby’s first time dealing with the snow. Don’t forget your cliche coffee shot, remember you gotta sell the fact that you’re a creative east coast “individual” now. Homie hit the nail on its head when he said bein tough ain’t cool anymore. 2013 and y’all ridin a soft dick.

  39. So, Beavis, let’s see YOUR footy. Another tough guy with his panties in a wad. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……

  40. honestly all of these hate comments here are soft as fuck. your all banging away at this kid hating on anything you possibly can calling this nigga trendy and shit. you wanna know whats trendy right now? hating on skateboarding. if you have such a problem with the kid than don’t fucking pay attention to him. what the fuck happened to skateboarding…

  41. 1. horrible song. obviously targets kids who live in the suburbs and wax skateparks. the real question… is suciu ‘one of them’ at heart? fuck if i know. does it matter? they spend big bucks on whatever the contemporary equivalent of OSIRIS D3’s are.
    2. kid definitely does some rippin’.
    3. kid definitely also has sort of a soft style.
    4. philly has had some ups and some downs, the real heads kept pushin thru the downs, and now the freeloaders are gonna cash in. that’s life.
    5. whatever, who cares.

    is ‘showing some sock’ really the worst thing in the world? i’m trying to scoop easy chicks and they still like tight pants boys.

  42. Nollie 180 switch back feeble 180 out……on that out rail. I don’t think that is “soft style” maybe the song…….but thats it.

  43. the dude rips. you can not like him bc you think you know how to spot style or you think he’s just another kid from the burbs moving to a city or bc you film for habitat and you just decide to hate people for random reasons. really the only downfall for him is THAT he lives in philly. worst city on the eastern seaboard. literally.

    oh and he let mulhern do his part. dude edits shit only to showcase his ‘abilities’ as a camera/edit geek. and his edits put everyone to sleep. ever seen “this time tomorrow”?

  44. I’m torn because you can’t deny his footage, as well as how prolific he is. But if you were to look at skateboarding in rap terms, imagine if you will some Cali bred dude coming to NYC or Philly and claiming it as his home or that he was “King” or some other lame term. In a lot of ways, I can see why people hate on Suciu… in that perspective. But I got 99 problems, and Mark Suciu ain’t one.

  45. so we’re talking about a 20 year old KID. of course he’s gona say some dumb shit. who doesn’t make outrageous claims when they’re 20 years old? and on the rap comparison, anyone remember lil’ wayne saying he was the best rapper alive when he was the same age? besides that, rappers don’t move from one city to the other to “take them over” or plant roots like skaters do.

    let him grow

  46. when did Mark Suciu say he was king of philly? and its obvious this kid has more control on a board than most. he doesnt just have tricks…he can actually skate and can tear up our precious spots here on the east coast that are shit in the winter. everyones just pissed he could skate so damn good and did a whole bunch of NBDs with no problem. fuckin chill and skate. Thats why were hyped on him because we like skateboarding and that footage was awesome. be open minded and stop judging people.

  47. I think the problem with some of you guys is that you’re trying to use the rules of Love Park 1.0 to define the rules of Love Park 2.0. Its just a completely different game now. What rules to roost now is only the skating, if heads are mad they have to skate to prove themselves now. In the world of love park 2.0, if its not on film, it didnt happen. If youre not out there in the mix doing tricks, who the fuck are you anymore?

  48. regardless of where dude is from he rips. soft style? what does that even mean? dude skates harsh spots super smooth. cross continental was epic and top 3 parts last year. kid puts in work and deserves respect. the sabotage guys gave him a part in the cities best video to come out in a long time, they aint hating… no one else has done that too love since photosynthesis . fact.

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