It’s Warm Again

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Chrome Ball came through with a sick compliation of Four Star ads from the late-nineties and early-2000s. Keenan’s switch pop shove in Australia is super chill.

After hours with Black Dave by Taji Ameen. He 5050s the top of the metal bench at Grace. The guard looked mad though…

Want more mad security guards? Quim Cardona and Billy Rohan shred around Times Square and midtown for their Berrics “Off the Grid” segment. Light wash denim is definitely making the #trendwatch.

Speaking of which, what new spot is going to #trend for this summer’s wave of pro skater visitations, now that the green ledge in Harlem is gone? Or is the stockpile of footage on it enough to keep its memory going?

Guy Mariano offers some wise advice that should be common sense, but unfortunately isn’t for a lot of people: Don’t spend your time in skateboarding bitter and resentful, especially at a young age. That “bitter at 23” shit is the worst. Also, all due respect to Guy, but it’s tough to take his observation about “Skateboarders getting smarter” seriously after skimming through the comments of the Jenkem Mag “New Alien Workshop Rider” April Fool’s video. Then again, YouTube Hella Clips comments are one of modern society’s low-points.

Parts from the Mama’s Boys video are getting uploaded one by one each week. Kevin Maillet’s is the first to go live. Cyrus Bennett and Loose Trucks Max eventually?

For whatever reason, it’s easy to forget about Organika sometimes, but their new promo is great. They literally skate trees in it.

Spot Updates: 1) That new building at Astor is going to have stuff to skate. You can also count on it being knobbed or a six-second bust. 2) With the St. Vincent’s triangle slated for demolition, the actual bank has seen better days. 3) There’s a new box at T.F. It’s high and short. The green wallie thing is almost a wrap, too.

Did we travel back to 2006? Papoose’s album seriously just came out. Though the infamous “WorstPapoose” Tumblr got deleted, you can find the archive here. The stakes is high like the top shelf in the meat market.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Easy. J.R. Smith off Felton’s fumble with two seconds left. Is it too early to start getting scared about some team offering J.R. a better contract next season and him passing on his $2.8M option with the Knicks?

Quote of the Week: “Who hangs out with a girl on a Saturday afternoon? Girls are for rainy days and nighttime.” — Sweet Waste

Thanks to everyone who linked the Eli edit. Enjoy this wonderful week.

People Come and Visit When the Weather is Nice


Same shit, different decade.

The new Chromeball Incident post is too good to set aside for a Monday link…

In the late nineties, Ted Newsome ran these two-page spreads in Transworld — back when Transworld ran content that people would now associate more closely with Slap. They were quite obviously inspired by Eli Gesner’s scrapbook Zoo York ads, but with not as much of an overt hip-hop vibe. The scrawlings and blurbs that surrounded Newsome’s photos sounded more like excerpts from some stream of consciousness diary entry than the shittalking that often got included in the liner notes of rap CDs. Be on the lookout for key minutiae, like Burritoville receipts (R.I.P.) and familiar memories of Christmases that were too warm.

The concept would later be expanded to other cities and Dimitry Elyashkevich even opted to parody its layout and poetic ramblings. Angry New York skaters were still mad about outsiders moving in fifteen years ago! Technology just allowed them to move to anonymous comment sections of regional websites.

Check out the full post here. P.S. Yaje interview should be up tomorrow.



Brooklyn is Turning Into the Last 3 Days of Burning Man

baton rouge bank

Via Chrome Ball’s Ray Barbee post from last Friday.

After earning the “Best Instagram Post by a Pro Skater” award for 2012, Mike Carroll is already the frontrunner for this year’s honors, too.

Off the Braxx is an upcoming project by the same crew behind 2010’s Film Me and Goin’ Ham videos. They uploaded a seven-minute throwaway reel featuring Stephan Martinez, Nate Rojas, Jamel Marshall and a few others. (Sidebar 1: Isn’t in counterintuitive to kick someone on a skateboard in midair, and then cite litigious reasons for why they cannot skate there? Sidebar 2: Is 8Ball and MJG’s debut album making the 2013 #trendwatch…twenty years after its release?)

Skateboarding is ridiculous.

The friends section from the NJ-based In Crust We Trust video is now online. Filmed in the cuttiest corners of Jersey and features a Lenox the Menace cameo.

While on the topic of cutty spots, Skate Jawn has a new Dylan James part.

Brian Kelley went to everybody’s favorite late-night dirty Chinese food restaurant and shot a cool lookbook for Huf with some familiar faces.

Despite several requests, is there really a point in re-editing raw Mark Suciu footage? Given his status as (what looks like) the most productive skater working today, it is realistic that he would have a new part out before any re-edits were completed.

Yet another case for the front of Union Square’s continued return to relevance!

Barmuda Triangle News: Minor Barmuda Triangle pinpoint / “The Fish is too crowded and I want to drink because I’m sad”-destination, Motor City, will be closing up this spring. Also, there are rumblings of everybody’s childhood favorite Ludlow establishment facing a similar fate in the near future.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Kyrie Irving’s crossover on Brandon Knight in the rookie sophomore game. Between Kyrie (from West Orange) and Kenneth Faried (from Newark), New Jersey’s future in the NBA looks bright.

Quote of the Week: “Kendrick Lamar reminds me of a rapper from late era 411.” — Jack Sabback

Don’t you guys miss when Brooklyn was like the first three days of Burning Man?

Waka Flocka Wal-Mart Board

Slim Thug skates now (someone forward him this Nick Panza part) and Waka Flocka seems to have inked an endorsement deal with Wal-Mart skateboards, or at least borrowed the services of their art department. Any excuse to remind people about this song is fine.

For the first time in over a year, there is a box at Tompkins, thanks to the good people at Labor Skate Shop. It has two height levels and has been painted forrest green in hopes of diverting the Parks Department from tossing it. Insiders predict it will last until Thursday. Supposedly, it’s already in bits and pieces.

Here’s a cell phone / bro cam clip from the Palace Skateboards crew. Includes Torey Goodall and Shawn Powers appearances. Southbank looks fun.

Space Heater is a sequel to “the video called ‘video.'” A ton of cutty New York spots, yet another joint cameo from Loose Trucks Max and Corey Rubin, and a good Pete Rock sample source. Filmed in New York this past summer and fall.

The Chrome Ball Incident has a collection of Girl and Chocolate ads promoting past video projects in honor of Pretty Sweet.

“Can I get a chili crunch dog with onions, tomato, lettuce, pickle, jalapeño, shish ka-bob, with apple turnover.” The Berrics has an “Off the Grind” segment with Clark Hassler skating around downtown Manhattan. There’s also another interview segment with him where he skates a few NJ/NY spots and talks about what his first pro board graphic would hypothetically be.

Jenkem Mag interviewed Dennis Busenitz about almost dying, energy drinks, etc.

Dudes are still skating Seaport with the knobs on. What is a more indispensable aspect of New York skateboarding: wallrides / wallies / no-complys or Big L music supervision in web clips?

A certain bank spot outside of New York will likely soon be demolished. The city is building a road through the apartments, and the banks look like they’re next to fall victim to construction. (The other section of the spot probably won’t be affected.)

Worst Video has a lot of solid New York footage in it.

New York Magazine wrote a detailed account of why G. Dep turned himself in for second degree murder two years ago. Good read.

Quote of the Week:

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: The guys who own (i.e. not the Brooklyn Nets) having the domain name forward to the Knicks’ all-star ballot.

Hostess, a second cousin of Little Debbie’s quarter snacks family, will be going out of business. R.I.P. How is Table Talk (the 50¢ pie company) still in business?

Nothing Like It

Raw & uncut. Beanie Sigel at the L.E.S. / Manhattan Bridge Skatepark. Photo by Black Dave.

FYI: Supreme has Snackman cruisers and Lamborghinis (designed by Pryce Holmes and Will Carpio) available for $50 + tax. Available online soon eventually.

Another FYI: Get your entries in for our stupid line contest by the end of the week (due by the end of the day, Friday), and win a Girl/Indy/Spitfire complete, Nikes, Oakleys and 4-Star gear. The stupider, the better.

Here’s a standalone YouTube link to the Bronze / Flipmode section from TWOMANJI in all its 360p glory. In our initial post, we neglected to commend TWOMANJI on its usage of two classic Styles P songs (“Holiday” and “Nobody Believes Me“), so lets take some time out to do that now.

The Chrome Ball Incident interviewed Jeff Pang about being a New York-based pro skater in the 80s and early-90s. “I think in Harold’s mind he thought that the letter was somehow delivered to it’s destination through a wormhole, not knowing that a postman comes by every day to pick up the mail and brings it to the post office.”

Anyone looking for a job? There’s a chill opening in Midtown.

Animal NY did an interview with “two dudes who skated from Boston to New York.”

Here’s a throwaway reel from the crew behind the “Gravity Hammers” from several weeks ago. Been saying this forever, but skateboarders really like Big L.

After getting sidetracked on Twitter about the ten-year anniversary of Lord Willin’ and how there are barely any decent Clipse songs in skate videos, this Dan Murphy part from YOUGOTTAGETTHAT edited to “Popular Demand” (the only great song from the last Clipse album) came to mind. There’s also this 2006 clip edited to a “Mr. Me Too” and Outkast “Chonkyfire” blend.

Lil’ Wayne says he doesn’t like New York (Whew. No TrukFit demos at the L.E.S. park!), and a New York senator demands that he apologize. This is what New York politicians worry about nowadays — apologies from Lil’ Wayne and banning big sodas.

Check out T-Bird’s music video cameo debut. Add this to the list of Mooney and Ty in an Ashlee Simpson video, Tierney, B.D. and Mooney in a N.E.R.D. video, and Weiss in a Timberlake video. We big in the music video extras world.

Quote of the Week:

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong