Apparently, Josh Kalis isn’t that good at 360 flips…

(Can you believe there was a point in time when Alien Workshop ads referenced Black Rob songs?)

Tre flips took me so long to get down. I must’ve tried those things for over 2 years before I even landed one. But I wanted to learn them so bad. I think that’s why I ended up getting so much respect for that trick is because I really had to work at them. The funny thing is that I’m not even all that good at them. I’ll go to a skatepark and watch kids do 50 in a row. I don’t have them anywhere close to that. If I do 10 of them, I’ll probably make five of them but have to tic-tac out because I didn’t get all the way around. Three of them I won’t make at all and I might have two that I stomp pretty good. But I’m not that consistent at them… I just get lucky with a good one every now and then.

The Chrome Ball Incident has a new interview with Josh Kalis. It touches on whether or not he actually liked Dinosaur Jr. during his Alien Workshop tenure, the influence of Embarcadero, how southern California school yards are harder to skate than most expect, Lennie Kirk, the switch back tail down Hubba Hideout, the Transworld Golden Gate Bridge cover, Stevie having a full part in the DGK video (!!!), Bieber rocking DGK, the two…no wait…the three…no wait…the four worst trends in street skating these past ten years (no mention of “yo flips”), etc. An all around great read.

Previously: Kalis on his Photosynthesis part, “The Love Park Story” (documentary), QS interview with Kalis from November 2010. And then there’s this…


Shut Down Champs, Did the Fool in Prada

Today marks exactly five years since the release of The Inspiration, which is the second most important motivational masterpiece to come out during this website’s existence (first here.) In honor of this sacred date, above is the limited edition 1-of-10 Quartersnacks x The Inspiration custom griptape sheet. On a side note, the mixtape prelude to this album, had some serious bangers that QS will happily cut a thousand-dollar check for, provided they are CDQ versions without DJ Drama yelling nonsense all over them. If only Jeezy still made music like this…

Apparently, the school/park has began removing the “real” ledges from 12th & A, and threw out all the portable obstacles. One less place to skate during the day without getting kicked out. Great. R.I.P. 12th & A.

The Flipmode production house released a short, purple-tinged b-sides clip featuring their standard roster. Kids seem to really like Spaceghostpurp and lean references these days, huh.

If you started skateboarding around the time Photosynthesis came out, you’ve maybe wondered what happened to Pat Corcoran. Well, he dropped by a recent Chrome Ball post dedicated to him, and set the record and rumor-mongering straight with a detailed, yet completely punctuation-less comment.

Skateboard filmers who take themselves serious enough to make memes about filmer faux pas are probably the worst thing about skateboarding. We mix SD & HD, stretch SD, and chop it up to Rihanna & 2 Chainz, all in one clip.

The crew over at Seasons Skateshop in Albany uploaded a clip from deep in the archive of some of our homies. Wonderful soundtrack choice, and the only place online you’re going to see Ben Baptiste do a kickflip backside tailslide.

Strobeck clips tend to get re-blogged heavy, but in case you missed it, a remix of some older ones from the mid-to-late 2000s went up on YouTube yesterday.

Quote of the Week
Observant Gentleman: “Yeah, 2008 was a good summer.”
Alexander Mosley: “Of course it was a good summer, every summer is a good summer. You never hear anyone say ‘Yeah, that was a good winter.'”

Thanks to everyone who reposted our Best of 2011 Clip: Yaba Zoo, First Cut is the Cuttiest, Huckstep Life, Wheelbite, A-City-Crew, Handsome As Fuck, Trilogy Tapes, Humidity Skateshop, Waters & Army, Street Feed, Playboard, Network Skate, Dank Mag, Recordings of Boardings, Le Boom Blog, Grey Magazine, Hella Trill, Cream Mag, Domliebe, Throw Up the Horns, Le Site Du Skateboard, and 48 Blocks.

Sixth Anniversary Links

Photo by Gigliotti the Great

Quartersnacks turns six today. Thanks to everyone for their support, visits, spreading the word, following us on Twitter, adding us on Facebook, or whatever else. It means a lot, thank you. Here are our first four clips from the fall of 2005: September / premiere clip, October, November (Juelz Santana was a really big deal in 2005), December / Christmas.

The Chrome Ball Incident posted up scans of a Skateboarder article by Mike O’Meally about 9/11, in addition to a few other relevant things.

Here’s a cool skate / music video by Jay Maldonado from what looks like the mid-2000s. Features plenty of trademark New York antics. Spotted Via Hella-Trill.

Digi-Cam Clips: Late pass on the latest installment of Diamond Days, and the homies from Vancouver shredding to some modern day loverman ballads (The-Dream > The Weeknd.)

Dylan Rieder discovers another really high thing to skate at the Seaport. Hopefully, this new shoe coincides with a new video part.

Last week, there was a bit of confusion about how to skate a new bump in Fort Greene that sprouted about after Hurricane Irene. This photo of Piro Sierra and the subsequent words should explain everything perfectly. The people whose house it’s in front of probably had a fun week yelling at skateboarders.

How exactly is Los Angeles the best city for skateboarding? Historically, weather and industry-wise, yes, obviously. New York doesn’t belong in the top three either (we’re willing to trade ten of our spots for an unknobbed version of that Chinatown Ledge though), but it seems like everyone who comes back from L.A. in 2011 says they only skated Stoner Park during their visit.

Lows are beginning to hit the fifties this week, which means fall is officially here. Buy some hoodies.

Projections on a $30,000+ pricetag for the Alex Olson x Dylan Rieder Charity Shirt were way off, because it only sold for $41. That’s enough for maybe five beers.

Quote of the Week: Alex Olson Fashion Week Tweets

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End of Summer Slump

So as the summer ends, we start a new season…” Slow update week last week. Though it’s Labor Day, our end of summer project won’t be out for another week and a half. Here’s the one from last year.

Pretty sick that people could fly to New York all the way from Denmark and still be down to session Three Up Three Down instead of hucking themselves down the Courthouse Drop or something more tourist-like.

There’s about ten seconds of Gino footage in this Nike Barcelona clip. (He also has an ad in the newest Antenna magazine, unfortunately one-upping the great Geo Moya.) There’s another similar crew clip with Omar Salazar shredding a lot of Barcelonian landmarks as well.

The ratio of lifestyle footage to skateboarding in Alex Carolino New York clip is horrible, but there are a few cool clips in there. Skating over trashcans off those high benches on Wall Street and South Street is getting real popular now, huh?

Crailtap Fives with the Chrome Ball Incident. (Thanks for the support.)

Depending on your tolerance for absurd northeastern conceptions of what a skate spot is, you may find that Hurricane Irene left some new terrain behind following last weekend. (Not sure how to skate that particular obstacle in the link though.)

Spot Updates: 1. They replaced the clunky ground on the Maiden Lane C-Benches with even more clunky ground. 2. NYU put new knobs on the recently unknobbed frontside for regular/backside for goofy up ledge on Mercer and Third. If you just moved to New York and are beginning school at NYU this semester, you will be expected to remove all the knobs from this spot. 3. Budweiser 24 oz. cans are now available in 3 packs.

Rumor of the Week:Alex Olson has a longboard.” — Tron Jenkins

Quote of the Week:Are you guys hipsters?” — A girl in shorts and lime green Doc Marten’s with an Electric Zoo ($250 electro/techno festival) wristband on the 6 train

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