#TRENDWATCH2014: Preliminary Spring Report


Photo via The Local Weather. Is #normcore still a #thing?

Spring greeted us with a 54-degree day, a box and a barrier at the T.F. yesterday. However, a spring trend report seems silly before everyone has seen the Supreme video and adjusted accordingly. All of this stuff may be outdated by the end of next weekend, after “cherry” has been given time to marinate. This does not mean the developments discussed below are unimportant, only that they may be superseded by ones with longer staying power in the near future.

Light Ass Denim™

It’s no secret that anyone who looked chilled-as-shit on a skateboard during the #nineties indulged heavily in Light Ass Denim™ (LADs™.) For yet-to-be-uncovered reasons, the proceeding decade did not look upon denim — of any form or wash — as kindly. Sure, textile industry lobbyists who covertly unloaded a surplus of brown chino fabric to the only people who would buy already dirt-colored pants in the 2000s had *something* to do with it (See: Pappalardo, Anthony), but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Why has no research been done on why Fully Flared is the most denim-deficient skate video ever made?

The twenty-year resurgence period of LADs™ and their ties to prosperity has come like clockwork. Did you really think the parallels between LAD™-heavy footage output and subsequent S.O.T.Y. covers in 1993/1994 and 2013/2014 were a coincidence? Fashion goes in cycles, obvs.

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Street Lottery


Is Daniel Day Lewis the first non-skater to earn “He’s good, but who cares” status? OMG OMG OMG How did everyone like the new episode of Girls?

Europeans! Frisco, out in Arnhem, The Netherlands, now has QS tees online and in-store. (We’re about to sell out of white larges on our web store, by the way.)

The Shape of Things to Come podcast has a new episode up with the governor of New Jersey, Fred Gall. It’s an hour-long chat about his skate career, travels, taxes, lighting twenty-dollar bills on fire, saving monks from a burning building, sneaking into bars, putting money on hot dog eating contests, flannels, beards, etc.

Here’s a sad photographic study of the latest T.F. box’s (“The Labor Box”) final days.

Jonathan Mehring posted up some scenic photos on the Skateboarder website from a 2006 article about spots on the New York waterfront. That Joey Pepper 5050 is nuts.

Check out this documentary about Todd Fishman, the truest of OG New York skaters. “Put your work in” and watch out for those pigeons.

This kid Derm has a sick part full of crusty New Jersey spots and an early, pre-Illmatic Nas song (things get scary in the last thirty seconds though.) The comments are bound to be full of “Where’s that spot at?” questions.

Did you guys see the Palace x Fruit of the Loom collaboration? The tees are already going for $200 on the Bay.

Juicy J made skateboards “for his hipsters.” Meek Mill, as a fellow member in the current crop of relevant rappers to make skateboards, was a year ahead of the curve.

Taji has a new web series about up and coming skaters over on the Vice site.

The new Green Diamond / Yaje Popson video will premiere at Enid’s (Manhattan & Driggs) this Saturday (the 19th) at midnight. It will also be Rob’s birthday, so buy him a beer. Flyer here. Check the new teaser here. Video goes online the next day.

The crew behind Hahafuntime.com relaunched their website.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: The Wizards beat The Thunder

Quote of the Week: “Yo, I just went to Zumiez…Zumiez is the truth!” — Overheard at Tompkins

Oh, in case you forgot — Free Band Gang: The Movie comes out tomorrow.