Thank U, Next — Best of 2018 Montage

Despite two years of no Christmas clips, there was a concerted effort (of some success) to bring the #realcamera out in 2018. This year’s best turned out to be a grab bag of mixed media: the shitty HD office cam, iPhones, a VX1000 for a more nostalgia-tinted moment earlier this year, and YES, some shit went to the IG story only to leave me immediately regretting “fuck, I wish I had Logan’s $97 nollie tre in glorious 1080p video.”

We skated the same shit we’ve been skating for the past ten years, a tree trunk or two, made it to the best spot on planet earth for a few days, went to Paris for nothing, and returned to the same T.F. obstacles that were there when we left. Thanks everyone for a great 2018.

And there’s no Top 10 this week because the skateboard internet collectively took off from posting ANY new video. Tyshawn’s “BLESSED” part was only up for Christmas Day, and other than that, there was like, a Silas part, and Kyota’s long ass 5050 from the GRoE tour.

Back on Monday with the end of the Year in Review ♥ I can’t believe 4.P.F. blocked “Never Recover” on YouTube, forcing a plan B on the second song. Heartbroken.

One Taught Me Love, One Taught Me Patience, One Taught Me Pain: 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010

#QSTOP10 — Best of 2018

Man, this coffee tastes like shit.

As the case with last year, we tried to suspend some of our personal biases and wrestle with the oldest dilemma of the social media age: what tricks will be remembered? The Top 10 for a year is a non-mathematical assessment of what clips got people talking. It’s easy to double tap and forget, but a whole different level of #impact when you talk about something with a fellow human, preferably IRL.

These are the tricks that humans talked about the most these past twelve months around our corridors. Maybe it’s different around the country, maybe it’s different just down the street, but we can only speak for ourselves here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Mandatory seven minutes of bullshit at the beginning, ~obviously~.

Original Clips:


Intros via every #QSTOP10 edition in 2018 [link] 10) Diego Najera via “Adelante” part [link] 9) Corey Glick via Souvenir part [link] 8) Gilbert Crockett via Quasi’s Mother video [link] 7) Justin Henry via Quasi’s Mother video [link] 6) Jake Johnson via Converse’s Purple video [link] 5) Christian Maaloof via WKND Pro Part [link] 4) Pedro Delfino via “My War” [link] 3) Oskar Rozenberg via Polar’s We Blew It At Some Point video [link] 2) Milton Martinez via The Creature Tour Video [link] 1) Tyshawn Jones via “KILLER” part [link]