Too Much Convo For 24 Hours — Best of 2017

Having been around long enough to recall the days of the internet not being a legitimate place for skate footage, a smaller, albeit less dramatic shift has been happening. Cue up Pontus Alv pontificating *wink* about the quality of footage merely being thrown on Instagram: “I don’t know if they were showing off or something. Maybe it’s part of a new marketing philosophy that we don’t understand.”

Pulling out the Real Camera™ is a grand gesture in 2017. The level of shit people are ready to throw out there for Instagram has made taking out the R.C™ almost disruptive when people are just having fun. Point three iPhones at it and it’s fine, but the tone of the session changes when it becomes “oh, let me set up the camera.”

“Nah man, I’m just having fun…not saving this for anything.”

2017 saw less R.C™ usage than any previous year. We used it on trips, we used it for night sessions we were able to get a crew out for, and yeah, sometimes we did end up using it instead of an iPhone for something that only took three tries.

It was a fucking amazing year for skateboarding and friends, in this city and beyond. DJ Mustard’s longest-ever streak of a song in a QS “Best of” is officially broken, but you-know-who is now on a two-year one. And you know damn well this would be edited to “Unforgettable” — it’s any human I’ve had a conversation with in 2017’s favorite song of the year — if only we hadn’t used it in April’s Mexico edit.

Sadly, there’s no Andre Page footage in this, as he specialized in 40-second lines this past year, but here’s a good consolation.

Saving the bad news for last: there’s no Christmas clip this year. Between injuries and traveling, fall skating in the city wasn’t as abundant in the decade-plus past. Gonna make a New Year’s resolution of bringing the R.C™ out more, so hopefully we’re back in the swing of our favorite annual tradition by this time next year.

We’ll be back on Tuesday, December 26th. Love you all, Merry Christmas ♥

Unforgettable: 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010


  1. the 1st part is the supreme employees section and the 2nd part is the alltimers and frog team section lol

  2. Kosta I’ve loved you since the early days (5050) before frog or mango or
    Nike having its hand dipped so deeply in the cookie jar that is skateboarding but this is the straw that broke the camel’s back…no Christmas clip. Boooooo this man. Just boo

  3. I’ll never stop loving you or your work Kosta. I’ll cherish the Christmas clips of past forever. But maybe we can make one happen next Christmas?…

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