So Much Fun — Best of 2019 Montage

This is our TENTH (!!!) annual mix of the best clips from the year, including what’s been in montages, trip videos, and Insta. Been bringing the #RealCamera out quite a bit these days, weather-permitting. We’ll see where that lands us on a 2019 Christmas clip. Hopefully somewhere ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lots of travel this year, and lots of friends — both old and new. Anyone having issue with the Top 40, as there always is with these, should be well advised that this is currently my favorite song, and it took a tremendous amount of willpower to not let this just devolve into full Jersey Shore boardwalk mode ;)

Thanks to T.J. Marshall, Andre Page & Jesse Alba on the filming help ♥

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The 2019 Quartersnacks Year in Review: 25-16

2019 was a year where the the past was rousted up to contend with the future — we listened to new Max B off a DatPiff stream while acknowledging that our existence rests at the mercy of rats plotting a takeover of mankind. Jeremy Lin became an NBA champion, the Knicks lost the lottery, and the gods just laughed and laughed.

Here are the developments that loosely defined the past 12 months in New York skateboarding.

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