It’s no secret that the internet has conspired to kill off the full-length skate video these past few years. But an enterprising real world minority continues to fight back, as evidenced by a few “Hey, could you post the promo for my video?” e-mails in the Quartersnacks inbox every week. It probably doesn’t take much to get your promo posted as a Monday link — just a front shove or two, a few awful spots, and no music by quirky indie bands. However, if you want a promo featured, well, then you’ll probably need to make a clip that involves a 2 Chainz feature somewhere (currently maybe one of five rappers worth putting up with a minute of Kanye for.)

The homie BJ Wishard sent over this promo clip for his Jersey/NY-based video, Feelin’ Friendly, due out next month. Subscribe on YouTube to stay updated, and for more videos. The video has full parts from Nico Magalhaes, Chris Rozborski, Brian Shroeder, Dillon Constantine, Matt Eaton, Nick Immediato, and Eric Dermond. Clip features German Nieves, Matt Eaton, Adrian Vega, Bill Marshall, BJ Wishard, Chris Rozborski, Derek Nawrocki, Joe Gore, Chris Murray, Nate Fantasia, Dan Vogedes, John Cruz, Joe Scordo, Nick Immediato, Tyler Hart, Sean Barone, Joey Boulliane, Eric Dermond, and Nico Magalhaes.

Those rocks on Water Street are an actual spot now, huh?

See You At The Parade

To think that only a month ago, we were claiming we wouldn’t mention the NFL for a few years. Congratulations to the New York Giants. The Knicks are never winning anything (especially when you need 25 points & 7 assists from a Chinese Harvard graduate to beat the Nets…), so perhaps we should direct our local sports radar beyond basketball.

In other Super Bowl / Skate-Related News: Fred Gall wins the Dobbin Block Super Bowl squares pool, Paul Rodriguez does what is presumably one of history’s more expensive switch flips for a Samsung commercial (@ 0:56), Mixtape star and circa-1997 “King of Style,” Peter Bici, informs close friends that “Boston sucks” immediately after New York’s victory, and Gucci Mane declares the trap’s comeback. Does anyone go to U Mass? You guys didn’t handle the loss too well, huh?

The most interesting post-Super Bowl development? Cam’ron resurrects the nearly three-year-old Cousin Bang project for a special Super Bowl edition. He still insists that the full-length movie is coming soon (original trailer here.)

Paulgar put together a six-minute montage from the late-Autumn era featuring Jake Johnson, Ted Barrow, Kevin Tierney, Brian Delatorre, and other QS-favorites. Some of the footage is previously unseen. All shot in/around New York, minus a few Miami clips from that awful “short film” Paul made starring Lemony Snicketts.

To answer our own question from a few months ago about when skaters will get tired of editing videos to songs off Jeru the Damaja’s The Sun Rises in the Eastnot anytime soon.

Fresh off the demise of the Santa Monica Sand Gaps, Los Angeles loses another iconic skate spot (one that actually deserves to be a famous skate spot.) The Department of Water & Power Benches are knobbed.

The Shit U Not blog offers a tour through a classic Big Brother issue (#22). Andy Roy on the cover, Gino Iannucci interview, a Chris Keefe Capital Skateboards ad, and other varying points of interest.

The official video “Got One” by 2 Chainz just dropped, and it’s easy to say that the Torey Goodall version does the song way more justice.

The forecast for tomorrow promises “near record high temperatures.” If only every February had multiple 50-degree days.

We Dropped ‘Duffle Bag Boy,’ They Started Takin’ Ideas


“In 1992, I filmed an interview with my friend, former pro skateboarder, Jeff. Jeff was at the lowest point of his career. This footage has been unseen for almost 20 years.” Peter Sidlauskas = Oscar winner by 2043? Billy McFeely “Best Actor in a Leading Role” winner by 2036? Not no, right?

Kalis now owns two of the benches from Philadelphia City Hall. Skateboarding wins. (Supposedly, a bench like that runs for ~$5K, which means you could make a perfect skatepark with $30-40K, zero “ramps,” and a paved lot…)

Jimmy Marketti uploaded a montage of new old footage that looks like it came from the mid-2000s. Unseen Rob Campbell clips, Andrew Reynolds second angles, and a somber look at the original back of Union Square.

Some raw footage live from the Tompkins bench, a dive into the odd mind of Shawn Powers, and Tribeca Park stuff that you could probably skip. Tompkins > Tribeca.

While on the topic of nineties west coast company excursions to the east, this 1994 clip of the Girl, Chocolate & Firm east coast tour (from 411 #8) is worth a look. There’s a New York section at the end, but it’s mostly lifestyle clips.

A well-written, contemplative, and occasionally Freudian analysis of “why l*ngb**rds suck” by Will Staley. Naturally, someone in the comments posted a link to a video insisting “You have no idea what can be done on a l*ngb**rd. It puts skateboarders to shame.”

“Skateboards as props in rap videos hit a new, unforeseeable, low recently in Soulja Boy’s video for ’50/13.’ Dude on the left is holding a deck with no griptape, trucks, or wheels. It is not a skateboard; it’s just a board.”

A pair of interviews from two of the finest content-creators in skateboarding went online last week, and they’re definitely worth your time: Robert Brink and Patrick O’Dell. The O’Dell one should have been more in-depth, but whatever.

The Be Pretty video is now online in full. Highlights include a front 3 up Three-Up-Three-Down and a Flushing grate gap NBD, and a reminder that Big L was ahead of his time with the whole “From New York and never was a fan of the Knicks” thing, considering the current 7-13 mess we’re in.

Quote of the Week:

Last but not least, happy birthday to the G-Man. Hope to see you back living in New York this year.

Me & Torey Back To Work But We Still Smell Like A Vacation

Torey Goodall, arguably Canada’s second finest athlete after Steve Nash, spent a considerable portion of this past fall in New York. If you could collect lifestyle hammers into one four-minute video part, his month-and-a-half here would be the lifestyle-equivalent of Mariano in Mouse. Unfortunately, the cameras are rarely rolling for those, and they are often left to memory and legend. Instead, we managed to film a quick part for Quiksilver Canada, aided by the many beverages that fuel Torey’s brand of stylish and most-likely-hungover skateboarding. If “The Notorious Partyboy Soundtrack” is the official partyboy mixtape, this is without question, the official partyboy skate part. After all, has anyone else drank a martini in a video part, or filmed a line with a King of Diamonds haircut before? Shout out to the whole NBPS family.

This video is a collaboration on two levels — Quiksilver x Quartersnacks & 2 Beerz x 2 Chainz.

Contributing filmer: Rob Harris.

Alternate YouTube Link: This Polo, not Izod.

“Oh 2 Beerz is back in town? I need to get a new roll of film.” — Boss Bauer

“I love when Torey comes to town, it’s like a holiday. Everyone gets off work and shit.” — T-Bird