Me & Torey Back To Work But We Still Smell Like A Vacation

Torey Goodall, arguably Canada’s second finest athlete after Steve Nash, spent a considerable portion of this past fall in New York. If you could collect lifestyle hammers into one four-minute video part, his month-and-a-half here would be the lifestyle-equivalent of Mariano in Mouse. Unfortunately, the cameras are rarely rolling for those, and they are often left to memory and legend. Instead, we managed to film a quick part for Quiksilver Canada, aided by the many beverages that fuel Torey’s brand of stylish and most-likely-hungover skateboarding. If “The Notorious Partyboy Soundtrack” is the official partyboy mixtape, this is without question, the official partyboy skate part. After all, has anyone else drank a martini in a video part, or filmed a line with a King of Diamonds haircut before? Shout out to the whole NBPS family.

This video is a collaboration on two levels — Quiksilver x Quartersnacks & 2 Beerz x 2 Chainz.

Contributing filmer: Rob Harris.

Alternate YouTube Link: This Polo, not Izod.

“Oh 2 Beerz is back in town? I need to get a new roll of film.” — Boss Bauer

“I love when Torey comes to town, it’s like a holiday. Everyone gets off work and shit.” — T-Bird


  1. the only thing bad about this clip is that its too short

    unless there is a part 2 in the works?

    i’ll seriously start a kickstarter to fund one

  2. I found it very befitting that his last trick was filmed two blocks away from Le Basket as well as The Smile.

  3. This shit went pretty hard. The line ending in the nollie backside 180 was good.

    I had a question though. When you guys go out skating do you have to coordinate which person can wear camo pants? does everybody take days of the week or is it just a free for all? Are there days when you all meet up and half of the guys are wearing the camo pants?

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