Flushing Meadows Park

Spots: Queens

One of the most famous spots in New York. Ledges and a grate gap. Manual pad down a long six stair.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦♦: You’re technically not supposed to be inside the fountain. The bust can be mercurial. On occasion, a Parks Department patrol will tell you to leave the inside of the fountain and instruct you to go to the nearby skatepark (which sucks.)

Location: Corona Park / Flushing Meadows Park, in Flushing, Queens. Take the 7 train to Willet’s Point (it is a 45-minute ride from Manhattan on the local train, 30 minutes on the express), and once you get out of the station, you should be able to spot a gigantic metal globe. Follow the wooden path above the train yards down into the park, make a right once you get down the hill, and skate towards the globe.

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