Loophole Wheels Presents: Dustin Eggeling & Mark Humienik’s ‘2nd Visions’ Part

Zach Chamberlin and the urethane purveyors at Loophole Wheels recently premiered a new full-length video called 2nd Visions. They were kind enough to share Dustin Eggeling and Mark Humienik’s shared section in their latest — two easterners wading their way through Bay Area inclines and cutty patches of crust, with a few New York clips peppered through. Our noseslide awards have been spotty over the past couple of years, but that one inside the planter that Mark does is sure to be in contention if there’s budget for a Noseslider of the Year ceremony later in 2024…

In case you missed them, Grey shared Andréa Dupré & Guillaume Nozieres’ shared part last week (that tre flip nose manny should’ve probably been on Top 10…) and Free shared Hiroki Muroka’s part a couple months back.

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