Louisiana Report — Jordan Trahan’s ‘Static VI’ Part Is Live

The closing part of Josh Stewart’s Static VI + Boil the Ocean’s #1 video part of 2023 (in chatting about this, Josh aptly referred to BTO as “one of skateboarding’s last mysteries left”) is live.

The Static series built its reputation on going against the grain. Its inaugural 1999 video spotlit the talent sitting under the Florida sun when everyone else was chasing the California Transworld dream. Static II solidified a path through the crust and diamond-plate when everyone else was horny for Barcelona marble. Static IV + V doubled-down on the full-length’s viability when the rest of skateboarding was all-in on the trend of calling it dead. (Apologies for not coming up with a nod for Static III, but it’s honestly the one I’ve watched the least.)

For a series that’s done so much over a quarter century, Jordan’s part feels like quietly uncharted territory: a skateboarder at the height of his powers, moving back to the small-big city outside of his actually small city, skating the things he probably spent his formative years thinking weren’t “enough” for the world of Big Skateboarding. Sure, there’s a decent bit of New York in there, but the desolate Louisiana clips are the ones that hit the hardest.

Watching it, you feel like this is the part Jordan always wanted to make. It’s also probably the part Josh always wanted to make. If you gave them a private jet to anywhere in the world, chauffeur and unlimited budget — this is still what they would’ve come back with. And if this is the part that the Static series ends on, it feels like a refresher of the mission statement for the series’ 25-year history: not exactly making something out of “nothing,” but making a lot out of not enough for most other people to be bothered to look.

Static VI Available For Download + Purchase Now

Filmed by: Josh Stewart, Jake Todd
Additional Filming by: Tristan Lasseigne, Jon Kosch and Thomas Woodruff
Edited by: Josh Stewart

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