The 2023 Quartersnacks Readers Poll

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the week in which we poll our esteemed readers about what the best parts and videos of the year were, so we can present them later in December.

This is the fourth time we have done this for an individual year, so it should all be familiar to longtime readers. To anyone just joining us: our objective is to combat content fatigue and our shortened attention spans in the era of endless content by making a time capsule of the past 12 months.

For someone looking back at 2023 in 5, 10 years from now — from where you sit now — which five individual parts and five full videos would you say best exemplify this moment in skateboarding?

We ask that all entries be ranked. 4PLY dove into the poll’s methodology a while back for anyone interested.

Voting closes this Friday, December 8 @ 2 P.M. New York time. Results will be presented later this month.

For anyone looking to jog their memory of what dropped this year, the always helpful BetterSkateThanNever has a 2023 YouTube playlist.

P.S. We only ask for your name and e-mail to weed out spam. We don’t sell your info or auto-subscribe you to our mailing list or anything like that.

The Readers Poll is now closed for voting.

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  1. Definitely dropping in Lenz 3 as top video since you guys said it counts for 2023. Lot of other hefty ones though.

  2. Dalton Newbury clips, still waiting on that Aaron Casey full part so I feel like this poll is a bit early.

  3. Yeah, since we’ve been doing this, we’ve always counted when something goes online v.s. when it premieres. If a video has an IRL premiere in 2022, but doesn’t make it online until 2023, it’s definitely a 2023 video.

  4. I feel like every year some kind soul drops an extended list of the best shit in the comments.

    Who will be that kind soul this year?

    I quit smoking weed in march and I still can’t remember anything besides johnny’s vid, jit and the stuff from the past few weeks.

  5. Worble world was the best watch but lenz 3, huf forever and beta blockers are more important for skateboarding.

  6. shout out for the shout out! <3
    if y'all wanna deep dive, i have another playlist called 'great vids 2023' (as i'm tryna keep the 'best of 2023' to 100 max) that currently has 427 on it… what a time to be alive

  7. For me this year one of my favs out there, Walker Ryan put definitely a mark in the books with his parts. The individual parts coming more frequently at the end of the year so Miles Silvas’ City to City part is a blast, Jack O’Grady’s Squish for PassPort as well.
    As for full lengths, Rick and Mike don’t seem to be stop at any level, celebrating 30 years of Girl, and putting out Lakai Bubble. This year I loved the HUF video, Static VI for sure, the Butter Goods Contours and which was nice to see the Omar Hassan 30 years Still grinding one, not to forget all those pillars in our history.

  8. For me it was Tyshawn’s soty trip video, even if it might not count as a full length more like a tour vid

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