The Best Skate Videos & Parts of 2023 — QS Readers Poll Results

🎨 Illustration by Cosme Studio
📊 Ballot Count by 4Ply Magazine

The results are in: a time-capsule of 2023 skateboarding, as voted by QS readers. Some old favorites have returned to the rankings, and some new ones have emerged.

And yes, it should be stated, perhaps louder than in other years, that year-end rankings are an imperfect artform. Miles Silvas’ “City To City” part that would eventually land him Thrasher‘s S.O.T.Y. trophy premiered a few hours before voting for the QS Readers Poll closed (that didn’t stop him from getting some votes in those final moments though.) Yuto dropped his April part three days after voting closed. But we are committed to the belief that nobody wants to talk about 2023 after Christmas. And for a year when it felt like Skateboard Oscars Season™ began in August, we had to make the call. All those parts that missed the cutoff will be eligible for next year’s voting, same as years past.

If you are just joining us, this ranking was voted on by QS readers from December 4th to December 8th. If you’re interested in the methodology, 4PLY broke down how we tally the votes

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The 2023 Quartersnacks Readers Poll

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the week in which we poll our esteemed readers about what the best parts and videos of the year were, so we can present them later in December.

This is the fourth time we have done this for an individual year, so it should all be familiar to longtime readers. To anyone just joining us: our objective is to combat content fatigue and our shortened attention spans in the era of endless content by making a time capsule of the past 12 months.

For someone looking back at 2023 in 5, 10 years from now — from where you sit now — which five individual parts and five full videos would you say best exemplify this moment in skateboarding?

We ask that all entries be ranked. 4PLY dove into the poll’s methodology a while back for anyone interested.

Voting closes this Friday, December 8 @ 2 P.M. New York time. Results will be presented later this month.

For anyone looking to jog their memory of what dropped this year, the always helpful BetterSkateThanNever has a 2023 YouTube playlist.

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