A Static VI Primer — Jordan Trahan’s ‘Hurricane Party’ Part for Pepper Grip

With the Static VI premiere tour approaching its final leg, it’s probably not a spoiler to say that the video contains the Jordan Trahan part.

If you haven’t caught one of the premieres, Pepper Griptape just dropped what effectively serves as the mixtape before the album, full of clips that didn’t make the opus part. The quality of skateboarding is hardly throwaway though — given the extensive filmer cred list at the end, you kinda gotta figure some of the clips got left out because the homie cam lensmanship wasn’t up to the famously high standard kept in Static vids all the clips got filmed specifically for this nifty lil’ part. (QS exists on homie cam obvs, not disparaging it by any means.)

Otherwise, it’s Jordan pushing the one second throw-down Louisiana porch spots to their extremes of possibility, laying scraps of plywood to hoist himself to new heights, and making industrial park spots look more exciting than you ever thought they could be …for his griptape sponsor.

Something to hold you over until main event reaches wide release ⏳ Guest tricks by Philly Santosuosso.

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