#QSTOP10 — August 18, 2023

Borderline impossible this week between the marquee videos from Johnny, Palace, WKND and Bronze — if HUF’s video dropped too, it would’ve stood as one of the most stacked weeks for releases probably ever. Wonder what November holds.

Bronze got deferred until next week, but it rules, obviously.

We linked it on Monday, but it still may have flown under the radar of the past week’s content onslaught: definitely check Emilio Dufour’s part on Thrasher if you have yet to do so. It’s special.

Have a good one 💕

Original Clips:


Intro via @_snailtooth on IG [link]
10) Filip Almqvist via WKND’s Rumble Pack video [link]
9) Sarah Meurle via WKND’s Rumble Pack video [link]
8) Andrew Wilson via Johnny’s Vid [link]
7) Enzo Kurmaskie via Johnny’s Vid [link]
6) Danny Brady via Palace’s Beta Blockers video [link]
5) Lucas Puig via Palace’s Beta Blockers video [link]
4) Emilio Dufour via Vans “Out of Office” part [link]
3) Karim Callender via Johnny’s Vid [link]
2) Jahmir Brown via Palace’s Beta Blockers video [link]
1) Antonio Durao via Johnny’s Vid [link]


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