The New Blue Park Obstacles Make Their Rainy Debut Today

You might recall the panic siren going off on Instagram a few weeks ago when they first fenced off Blue Park for construction. (To be fair, there’s precedent for panic over there.)

The park reopens today, on this obvious torrential wash-out of a Sunday, with a handful of new obstacles built by The Skatepark Project (formerly known as the Tony Hawk Foundation), and Vans.

The new stuff includes:

bluer ground!

— a pair of recycled plastic benches a la the “Butter Benches” on Marcy Avenue in Williamsburg.

— a wallie-able flatrail thing attached to a curb-height manny pad with a metal edge.

— a small cement quarterpipe with a bank at the opposite side.

— a concession to skatepark designers’ bizzare obsession with putting a curved ledge in every single park. (Who asks for these curved ledges? Who prefers these curved ledges? Is the curved ledge lobby really that powerful? Who else looks on with bleary-eyed envy whenever one of the Paris locals posts a trick on that one solo bench at Bastille?) On the opposite side, however, is the elusive Straight Fucking Ledge™ in all its not-curved glory — a luxury that maddeningly evades the two curved ledges at Riverside.

Not a bad lil’ addition to what remains the most popular spot in Brooklyn.

(Yes, all the old obstacles and loose additions over the years have been left in tact.)

The forecast says mostly sunny and 90 degrees tomorrow, which feels like as good of an opportunity as any to sweat out the remnants of the weekend ;)


  1. Booooooooooooooo this sucks. Who designed this? looks like some actual skaters did.

  2. 300 years from now, there will be a quartersnacks article titled “Guess where the *awful* round manual pad from blue park ended up? (SPOILER: the library of congress!)”

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