Mexico City Report — Decline’s ‘Lo Siento Emmett’ Video

You might remember Decline’s first video, Xola 955, which made the rounds on Free and some of the European media platforms a year ago — it included the clip of the guy flying perpendicular into a wall, and down a drop for a frontside wallride burned into the memory of anybody who saw it.

Decline is a skate crew based out of Mexico City, and ever since Xola 955 wrapped up, they’ve been filming for Lo Siento Emmett, the video we are honored to bring you today.

Lo Siento Emmett is a sixteen-minute dive into Mexico City’s cuttiest corners — off rooftops, through traffic, over drops and onto foot-wide strips of concrete for the landing. If you were hyped on the GX dudes’ hill-filled Mexico City edit from earlier this month, Decline’s video is an even deeper descent into the labyrinth of our continent’s largest city.

Skaters in order appearance: Leo Estrada, Yahir Lopez, Quinn Batley, Carlos Didier, Oswaldo MA, Felipe Bartolomé, Diego Xicali, Ian Estévez, Dante Gallardo, Thom Serra, Itzel Granados, Yael Pratz, Jose Luis Albiter, KikéDiaz, Julian Kimura, Alan Hernández, Alan Buenfil, Pan, Dasc, Alexia, Emilio Ramírez, Baruc Serrano.

Filmed by: Carlos Didier and Thomas Serrano.

Edited by: Carlos Didier


  1. me alegra que este tipo de trabajo se esté realizando en Mex, todo el video está lleno de estilo y creatividad, los trucos están muy perros, al igual que la foto y la edición, estás videopartes son las que trascienden.

    arriba la mota <3

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