#QSTOP10 — July 8, 2022

Was gonna use the Windhorst meme for a headliner this week, but then figured maybe 20 people would get that one. Also, it’s been rinsed all week, fine, fine.

Do you think T Puds is gonna drop a 2032 part called “The Biggest Bang?”

Can you believe there are so many club edits this week? 🔊

It was one of those “Free had all the good shit” weeks 🔴

Tim Savage’s “Brian, Brandon & Will” got deferred until next week, obvs.

H/T to @MostlySkate for the intro referral.


Intro via @shane.wreck on IG [link]
10) Erildo Boccacci via “SANGUI” [link]
9) Andrew Verde via Sk8land Skateshop’s “Veinte” video [link]
8) Will Marshall via IG [link]
7) Nassim Lachhab via “Nassim Lachhab for etnies” part [link]
6) Victor Campillo via “SANGUI” [link]
5) Carl Aikens via IG [link]
4) Patrick O’Mara via “PATRICK☘︎VIOLET” [link]
3) @less.t via Decline’s “Xola 955” video [link]
2) Pepe Garcia via Sk8land Skateshop’s “Veinte” video [link]
1) Torey Pudwill via “Bigger Bang” part [link]


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