#QSTOP10 — March 3, 2023

Some low impact curb magic, a 10/10 ledge noseslide from a rail lord, and a wallie off of …barbed wire.

If there’s a single video to treat yourself to before embarking on your weekend, be sure to check Sirus F. Gahan’s “Picking Up A Bug,” full of impeccable skateboarding from the land of brick crust and the world’s best skate names 🙂

Happy birthday Dallas, happy early birthday Isak ❤️

Original Clips:


Intro via @schmaleekk on IG [link]
10) Ville Wester via “Picking Up a Bug” by Sirus F Gahan [link]
9) Teddy Seeley via Venture “Undone” part [link]
8) Alan Bell via IG [link]
7) Nick Papa via Cowtown Skateboards part [link]
6) Matheus du Bronks via “Labirinto” part [link]
5) Billy Trick via “Picking Up a Bug” by Sirus F Gahan [link]
4) Leo Romero via Emerica “Skater” part [link]
3) Ryan Reyes via “Welcome to Welcome” part [link]
2) Rubianada via Vans APAC’s Lava video [link]
1) Niels Bennett via “Heroes / Helden” part [link]


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