#QSTOP10 โ€” March 24, 2023

Big nollie heels, big backside flips, and big 5050s โ€” but an inch-high curb takes top honors this week 😜

Have a good one and enjoy the weather today, because Saturday looks like a wash-out. Happy early birthday Connor Champion 🐐


Intro via @dimemtl [link]
10) Justin Grzechowiak via Scumco & Sons Striking Distance 2 [link]
9) Kevin Taylor via Scumco & Sons Striking Distance 2 [link]
8) Legend Xavier via Tanner Diamond’s “PIECED” video [link]
7) Tom Knox via Krooked’s “Kay Arr Kay Dee” video [link]
6) Daniel Ravenal via Venue’s “NinetyFour” video [link]
5) Ludo Mendez via “โ˜…โ˜†LUDOโ˜†โ˜…” part [link]
4) Eniz Fazliov via “Can’t Front” part [link]
3) Jacopo Carozzi via Samurai Safari II video [link]
2) Antonio Durao via Nike SB x Jordan 4 video [link]
1) Mattia Turco via Samurai Safari II video [link]


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  1. #9 is exactly why i’m always coming back here!
    love this shit!!
    keep it up quartersnackers

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