Homies 2.5 — Kei Tsuruta’s ‘Second to Last’ Video

A common symptom of these days and times is describing anything that happened in the past three years as “last year.” If you said that December 2020 night when we all bundled up to watch Homies 2 get premiered on a Grand Street handball court in ten-degree weather was “last December,” people probably wouldn’t even blink.

But nah, Homies 2 is over two-years-old now.

Kei’s latest, “Second to Last,” feels something like a Homies 2.5. There’s no shortage of places to catch footage of this crew — Kyota’s videos, Tanner Diamond’s videos, one-off Homies Network projects, or plain old Instagram — but there’s something special in tracking their progression in Kei’s projects, as they feel like a cohesive home for the core group we all met in The Homies Video back in 2019. “Second to Last” has the added bonus of a surprise Myles Underwood part at the end, laser flipping out of 5050s, choreographing on Three Up Three Down, and leaving us …wanting more Myles footage in New York :)

MVP of the edit is still Tenzin’s back foot on the switch heel up the curb though ☺️

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