‘TREAD’ — By Tanner Diamond

“TREAD” is the latest video by Tanner Diamond — the follow up to the QS-favorite from last March, “OTIS.” It is hard to not feel bittersweet watching this one because it exemplifies the type of skating that versions of our younger selves once pursued on a 6x a week basis: barging midtown and Financial District office plazas in endless succession, fishing for a stroke of luck with security at each one. These dudes cover everything from relics that have been popping up since the original three Zoo York videos, right down to plazas embedded between buildings that were plots of dirt and trash when those three videos were being filmed.

Nothing really compares to how midtown footage looks lit by a camera light on a glitchy tape, and all these dudes keep getting better and better at skating. Legit got out of my seat when Coles front blunted the rail at CBS 😲