Homies Network — ‘The Homies Video’

Photo by Mark Custer

The Homies Video is the first full-length by Homies Network, featuring a ton of upcoming skaters you’ll recognize if you spend any time pushing around downtown, or lurking by Labor. Filmed + edited by Kei Tsuruta.

We have an interview we did with Kei and a few of the guys, but a lot of it was in reference to stuff that actually happens in the video — so we figured we’d give this one a day to marinate and post it up tomorrow ;) There’s a lot in their first full-length to get hyped on and reassure yourself that the future is in good, enthusiastic and creative hands.

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Skaters in order of appearance:
Luke Lenski
Radcliffe Coles Bailey
Lawrence Pinkney
Joshua Vargas
King Abdo
Cristian Carabello
Mecca Jihad Mshaka-Morris
Tenzin Che Miyahira
Kyota Umeki
Ismael Diallo
Jerome Peels
Genesis Evans
Eric Reinertson
Julien Eversley
Connor Preblick
Max Garson
Kenny Shoji
Juan Alarca
Noe Horiwaki
Daniel Kim
Stanley Simons
Alex Greenberg
Milo Richardson
Tre Sisti
Issac White
Quinn Batley
Dalton Newbury
Sully Cormier

All Photos by Mark Custer


  1. Just gonna go ahead and say it now: Homies Network is the Photosynthesis of Zillenial ‘friends-of-the-shop’ videos. Y’all can hop on this train now or get caught backpedalling later, when it’s accepted as cannon.

  2. um who taught these young muthaf***** how to music-supervise like a classic 411VM?! Shit was pretty tight

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