Paris Report — Mômes iPhone Video 3

It is no stretch to say that way back when Instagram first introduced video capabilities, the Blobys and Paris crews of the mid-2010s probably did the most in pushing the style that came to define our expectations for your average “Insta edit.” It was healthy balance between lands, slams and hijinx, with an economic approach to the timeline that had less concern for showing the rollaway than any style of skate video to come before it. (*Abe Simpson voice* “Back when Instagram first introduced videos, they could only be fifteen seconds long!”)

The Mômes series became the #longform culmination of that style, even quoting a 2013 Stevie Williams interview as the manifesto for their first installment: “The problem with most videos these days is that they just show how challenging skateboarding is, rather than showing how fun it is. I don’t have time for that shit.”

Mômes Volumes one and two are certified YouTube classics. And after a two-year hiatus, they bring us the third edition 🇫🇷

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