#QSTOP10 — November 4, 2022

EDIT: Mixed up Nicks on #9. Nick Dias, not Rios.

Gotta love a quick set-up, two-punch line where the landing from trick one is the immediate foot placement for trick two.

Otherwise, 10/10 hardflip form, 10/10 varial heelflip form, and Wolverine down.

Original Clips:


Intro via @meatball_3000 [link]
10) Stevie Williams via DGK’s Zeitgeist video [link]
9) Nick Dias via DGK’s Zeitgeist video [link]
8) Brian Delatorre via Habitat “Live & Direct” part [link]
7) Davis Sarvey via Andres Garcias’ MILO video [link]
6) Liam McCabe via Halloween Stickers Skateboards’ “HSS Video 2” [link]
5) Max McLaughlin via Andres Garcias’ MILO video [link]
4) Will Mazarri via DGK’s Zeitgeist video [link]
3) Brian Reid via DGK’s Zeitgeist video [link]
2) Billy Lukins via Poolroom’s “RUNNER UP” video [link]
1) Toby Ryan via Andres Garcias’ MILO video [link]


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