For Your Consideration: John Clodfelter’s ‘Meta 5’ Video

A lot of the videos that get submitted to QS have a familiar template: they’re filmed on routes of well-worn spots, with the occasional overturned nugget found in the vicinity. You could practically use context clues to figure out if a crew lives by Cooper Park, or further out in Ridgewood by clocking how the spots appear.

This makes it all the more special when a video filmed mostly (entirely?) in New York feels like it inhabits another world. Meta 5 by John Clodfelter was sent over by both Josh Paynter and Chase Walker (always a good sign when fellow videographers back another’s project), and it’s a lo-def mash of cutty skateboarding eked over kinda-spots that are typically passed over by less adventurous patient crews.

There’s everything from mailboxes uprooted from the cement, kicked over 45 degrees and placed a few feet out past a cement platform, to narrow banks in The Bronx that look like they’d fit better between a pair of Los Angeles duplexes in an Aidan Mackey part. And when something famous does appear, it’ll be a hurricane to firecracker down the end corner of Pyramid Ledges — or eschewing them altogether to create a rainbow polejam to wallie over the back steps. By the time Meta 5‘s twenty minutes are up, you might wonder wtf you just watched, but it’s definitely the right amount of “different” from the past dozen videos you clicked on.

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