Swedish Skate Mafia — Poetic Collective’s Svampen Mix

The Quartersnacks One-Spot Part Map is two months away from its first birthday. What began as a list of 46 parts and videos filmed exclusively at one spot — a pursuit that obviously boomed in popularity on account of the pandemic and travel restrictions — has nearly doubled to being 20 entries shy of 100 in less than a year.

We first became #internetfriends with the Poetic Collective crew after labeling Simon Källkvist as “some Swedish guy” in an old QS Top 10 and having to rectify the shade. Sadly, we haven’t been able to become #realfriends with any of them on account of the reasons outlined in the paragraph above — but we do share an affinity for what is essentially the equivalent of Malmö’s T.F.

See, back in the #heavytraveldays, we were afforded the luxury of traveling to Copenhagen + Malmö sometimes as often as twice in one summer (shout out to the era of $400 Norwegian air round-trip tickets…they’ve been teetering on the edge of bankruptcy rumors since the start of 2020) to skate the sort of #straightfuckingledges that New York skaters continue to clamor for with the completion of every new skatepark. (To be fair, there’s about five skateparks in this city I’d trade for Svampen, but we all know a New York Svampen would probably turn into a shit-show.) All of that malarkey from the #beforetime remains pretty fucking stop-n-go to this day.

Anywho — to keep the ball rolling on the one-spot momentum, the Poetic team threw together this edit from their local, exhibiting the unique blend of #EuroTech with Insta-era slappy wizardry that they’ve become synonymous with. It’s not the first Svampen-only edit, and it certainly will not be the last.

Still suspect there’s magnets at the end of the ledge pulling dude ahead on that pop-up nosegrind nollie inward heel out, too.


  1. Damn I didn’t realize there are skateboard police who will arrest you for doing nosestall slappies, so crazy @idkjustsayin

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