Simon Källkvist’s ‘FLUID’ Part

Of all the peculiar trends to afflict modern skate videos, not putting skaters’ names is one of the most annoying — especially for anyone who came of age in the latter days of the “video magazine.” (We’ll forget the name of the person who introduced themselves to us five seconds ago, but will remember the name of the dude who did a nollie tailside bigspin in a Logic video 16 years ago…)

Way back in 2018, we were forced to label Simon as “Some Swedish Guy” in an installment of the Top 10, to our great shame. Why? Because the Poetic Collective guys didn’t put titles in their Marseilles video, like we’re the ones supposed to tell the difference between five tall Swedish guys? ;) And the struggle continues elsewhere, to this day — we know nobody’s name in that Melodi video that just dropped on Thrasher, even after repeat viewings.

With Simon, we made amends. It wasn’t a dig! We love Swedes! We love Simon’s skating! And we love Poetic Collective, which has been putting out some of the most exciting Euro edits these past two years, and out of a place that we are often all too comfortable to only associate with Polar dominance, at that.

Now knowing his name, we are proud to present Simon’s ender part in FLUID, the new Poetic Collective full-length. Filmed by Tom Botwid & Makke Bengtsson + edited by Tom Botwid.