#QSTOP10 — May 13, 2022

Lots of Brazilians, lots of Euros + obviously LOOOUUUUUU, and T.J. skating in what are essentially Yeezy Crocs.

Lucien Genand’s “Boardslide Hood” part on Free rules 🤯

Original Clips:


Intro via @bustcrew [link]
10) Jordan Trahan via Pepper Griptape’s “The Pepper Promo” [link]
9) Ville Nyström via El Rio Grind’s Mañana [link]
8) Arthur Ribeiro via Cons’ Veredas video [link]
7) Ibu Sanyang via Tangram Division’s “Papi” video [link]
6) Louie Lopez via Cons’ Veredas video [link]
5) Felipe Oliveria via Cons’ Veredas video [link]
4) Kaue Cossa via Cons’ Veredas video [link]
3) Lucien Genand via “Boardslide Hood” Part [link]
2) Kevin Braun via “Pier 7 Part” [link]
1) Tyshawn Jones via IG [link]


Previously: May 6, 2022


  1. Those shoes Tyshawn is skating remind me of the Nike E-Cue’s from when SB first came out. Anyone remmeber those?

  2. qs should bring back the e-cue for the new sb collab since y2k and early 2000’s shit is trending like crazy rn

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