Yelled At The Screen At Least 4 Times Watching Leo Heinert’s ‘Prodemic’ Part…

In this quarter’s acknowledgment of the old adage about how “No one skates NYC harder than the Arizona drink company skateboard team” (see #9), we’re inclined to share Leo Heinert’s “Prodemic” part.

Leo has the unique distinction of being the first one to put trucks through the spheres on the Union Square rail (Gangemi was the first to hit the whole thing altogether with a boardslide), perhaps the first to begin skating from the top of the narrow Fort Greene monument bank with the metal slats halfway down, and the only one to treat the manny pad at Zuccotti as something to be gapped over.

His latest finds him grinding up hubbas and into stairs, skating the already-slippery Times Square ledges in the rain, throwing an extra nose manny in before soaring over one of those ledge-to-ledge gaps at World Trade, and generally skating with a frantic energy that sometimes — when there’s an excess leftover after a trick — will result in a backflip, as a treat.

It was hard to stay quiet watching this one, even solo.


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