#QSTOP10 — April 29, 2022

Was honestly tempted to put Tenzin’s nollie big heel at Tompkins at #1 this week just to fuck with all the people who absolutely lost it in the YouTube + IG comments last year over Jack O’Grady’s cover 5050 getting #2.

But yeah. The most #1 of #1’s. If you ask a room full of skaters to list three tricks that they would’ve previously never have thought of as possible, it’s on there for a lot of them.

Original Clips:


Intro via @gronze [link]
10) James Alby via IG [link]
9) Myles Willard via “Myles & The Machine” Part [link]
8) Felipe Oliveira via ASCO X WORLDXIT’S “Rogue One” Video [link]
7) Mike Anderson via “Blackhole” Part for Spitfire [link]
6) Victor Höglund via Troposphere’s “Expansion” Video [link]
5) Aleksi Suovaara via Troposphere’s “Expansion” Video [link]
4) Tyler Nelson via IG [link]
3) Tyson Peterson via Baker Video With Tyson & T Funk [link]
2) Figgy via Baker Video With Tyson & T Funk [link]
1) T Funk via Baker Video With Tyson & T Funk [link]


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