#QSTOP10 — April 15, 2022

YES, the Violet video was deferred until next week in the interest of not posting a recap of the most oft-discussed project of the past 36 hours…36 hours later.

Anyway, who doesn’t love a long line 🤝

…or a really long 180 switch crook, for that matter?

Frankly, this one could’ve been filed on like… Sunday? Wild week. But that’s Hollywood, baby!

Original Clips:


Intro via Tristan Warren’s Money Time video [link]
10) Leo Bañuelos via Ruining Skateboarding part [link]
9) Jessyka Bailey via Ruining Skateboarding part [link]
8) Joseph Biais via Rassvet’s I Missed You video [link]
7) Tolya Titaev via Rassvet’s I Missed You video [link]
6) Cambryan Sedlick via Rassvet’s I Missed You video [link]
5) Patrick Cannon via Tristan Warren’s Money Time video [link]
4) Robby Bootes via “The Union Square Video” [link]
3) Gabriel Bjørsvik via “Gabriel og Bjarne” video [link]
2) Justin Henry via Quasi’s “airboat” video [link]
1) Chris Athans via “The Union Square Video” [link]


Previously: April 8, 2022


  1. please consider doing a special bonus video at the end of the year of all the good clips by men that you had to cut from these so you could put the (seemingly obligatory) girl tricks in. it’s so jarring/unpleasant to see 9 dudes pushing the limits of human potential and then 1 girl skating like those dudes did pre-growth spurt.

  2. ^Imagine being being such a person that you actually formed and then took time out of your day materialize that comment.

  3. ^ make your own top 10 for all your “bros” if you can’t handle non-males getting some well deserved shine once in a while

  4. Oh the humanity, the gall, the injustice of being a man robbed of his place in a weekly internet countdown. What HAS our world come to.

  5. @jack i just am that person :)

    @jooe you’re the same guy as joe aren’t you. i see right through your little ruse.

    @mom my last name is iarsin

    @t.i.r.b.o.t. sodom with smartphones, but some of the comments sections are still open

  6. My feelings are hurt because I didn’t get enough penis in my Top 10: I’m with the incel asshole.

  7. @L. Iarsin,
    I’m bummed to be hearing such misogyny. The top 10 isn’t about “pushing the limits of human potential.” That sounds so incredibly jockish. Maybe stick to contest skating if that’s what you’re about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
    The top 10 is about good looking tricks, regardless of gender or gnarliness and her trick went.

  8. yeah. that’s the whole problem. they all skate like 14 year old flow kids, follows that none of the tricks ever look good. different on vert, fine with the vert girls

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