The Dustin Henry ‘Nice To See You’ Remix by Crazy T

It should come as no surprise that Dustin Henry — who has swept “Skater You Are Most O.K. With Dating Your Daughter” accolades at the QS awards for seven years in a row — had our favorite section in Vans’ globetrotting, multi-editor endeavor, Nice To See You. A month after every single person we know shared his perfectly balanced kickflip front nosegrind around the curve might seem a bit early to remind everyone how much that part fucking ruled, but it’s never too early to have Crazy T remix it with some Third Eye Blind ♥

Edited by Tyler Warren. Cameos from the crew :)

An era where content is released out of a daily firehose seems like an odd time for the art of the remix to take a backseat. People beat themselves up over S.O.T.Y, Q.S.S.O.T.Y., Emmys, Grammys, “Most Time Spent Discussing Their Pants” awards, etc. — only for their blood, sweat and codependent relationship with their filmers to be lodged between six other things you watch that very same day. The remix offers a second interpretation: an invite to reappraise the hard work of skateboarding’s superheroes. The mix must go on. Duster is certainly one of those smiley superheroes ❤️

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  1. one time I saw Dustin Henry at a skatepark in New York and I watched him as he went to ollie the euro-gap and remember him farting so loud right before he ollied. Idk if it was on purpose or by accident but I’ll never forget it.

  2. the lack of team allegiance is his hat choices is surprisingly vexing

  3. The original edit was way better. Kinda lame to replace the Native American artist with a cringey 90’s song for some trendy points. I expect better from Quartersnacks.

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