#QSTOP10 — August 27, 2021

A long bluntslide, a kinky back tail, and a Kalis-ian nollie flip off a shitty Tompkins ramp. The summer’s on its way out, queue up “East Liberty” ;)

Original Clips:


Intro via @mrbohl on IG [link]
10) Kyota Umeki via IG [link]
9) Charlie Cassidy via 4 x 4 part [link]
8) Amin Sharif via “IMG 9991” part [link]
7) Kelvinas Litvinas via Will Miles’ “Bill & Lev” video [link]
6) Matt Militano via Noctural’s “Team Video” [link]
5) Yuta Ishizuka via IG [link]
4) Kyonosuke Yamashita via “Welcome to Primitive” part [link]
3) Cam Barr ia Will Miles’ “Bill & Lev” video [link]
2) Deedz via IG [link]
1) Felipe Nunes via “Limitless” part [link]


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