#QSTOP10 — August 20, 2021

Told you we’d be back on it with a busy front page this week ;)

The countdown is a mix of quick set-ups, tile grinds, a creative grass-roll, and a belated #1.

Have a beautiful weekend ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via sh1rt.bag on IG [link]
10) Dom Henry via IG [link]
9) Bear Myles via IG [link]
8) Kyle McDonald via Studio Skateboards’ “Easy Listening” video [link]
7) Andrea Dupree via Studio Skateboards’ “Easy Listening” video [link]
6) Kevin Braun via IG [link]
5) Hermann Stene via Real part [link]
4) Salar Kooshki via IG [link]
3) Stepan Bares via “Sid Prager” part [link]
2) Kaue Cossa via Habitat “Concourse” part [link]
1) David Reyes via “Thank You” part [link]


Previously: August 13, 2021


  1. Red spot continues to demonstrate its unique capacity for admissible front-truck-first acid drops.

  2. i don’t know what is crazier: the fact somebody tre flip’d noseblunted clipper ledge or that i could be so numb to somebody tre flip noseblunting clipper ledge?

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