#QSTOP10 — July 9, 2021

A bit of an, um, mid-week content sabbatical going on at the QS office. Be back on it soon, promise ;)

Grace, some Euros, and a lil’ bit of “Real Street,” though didn’t want to go overboard there. Sure, there are “crazier” tricks than Alexis’ switch front nose, but that’s the prettiest trick in the batch. Also, Frankie’s Flushing N.B.D. goes without saying — people have been talking about if that’s possible for years.

Original Clips:


Intro via @spezzatura on IG [link]
10) Gilbert Crcokett via IG [link]
9) Hugo Corbin via “Pocket Part” [link]
8) Agata Halikowska via Grey Area’s “Culture of Grey” video [link]
7) Brian Reid via Grace [link]
6) Sean Evans via Grace [link]
5) Justin Anderson via Grace [link]
4) Jirka Hronek “STALIN PLAZA PART” [link]
3) Alexis Ramirez via “Real Street 2021” [link]
2) Will Mazzari via Grace [link]
1) Frankie Spears via “Real Street 2021” [link]


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