Deeper Than Devils Lake

The footage economics of the day demand that all non A-List clips be relegated to IG, but there’s really no shame to an old fashioned Mellow Edit™. Sometimes, they’re even more fun than The Big Video™.

“Devils Lake” is a new one from Marcus Pulvermacher — purportedly his “last skate video” as per the YouTube description. These always do a great job of capturing the in-between of sessions or their respective epilogues. And it is those side moments to larger missions that end up with extra gold: Caleb’s 10/10 nollie heel, Karim flying over the bump-to-bar at Blue Park, or any Zhu + Genny appearances available.

Most people understandably post their box warm-ups on their IG Story (remember about ten months ago, when Tompkins and the skateparks were closed, and the most popular spot in New York was the Jenkem box at T.F. West?), but seeing them tossed together with other friends’ tricks creates a make-you-want-to-skate vibe in a way that clicking through someone’s vertical videos seldom does ♥