#QSTOP10 — February 12, 2021

It’s wild that way back in the 1300s when this pandemic first began, an actual “take” was that there’s going to be an inevitable drought of skate footage upon us. The past weeks and really months have made these “ten things to get you hyped”-segments tougher and tougher to narrow down without inadvertently excluding so many incredible projects (this got made before the Santa Cruz vid went live on Thrasher, which people seem to have great reviews of so far.) Shout out to everyone making videos yaknow ♥

Keep your heads up, it’s fuckin’ bleak out there right now, but we’ll make it. Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @ryanmiranda on IG [link]
10) Kader Sylla via “fuckthisskateshit” [link]
9) Jason Nam via WKND’s “Van Down” video [link]
8) Jahmir Brown via IG [link]
7) Chris Athans via Deep Fried’s “Be Kind” video [link]
6) Athen McCrary via Deep Fried’s “Be Kind” video [link]
5) Tyler Dietterich via Suburban Selection [link]
4) Austin Heilman via “Garage” part [link]
3) Bjarne Tjøtta via Pekka Løvås’ “JADDA” video [link]
2) Ayahiro Uratsuka via IG [link]
1) Gabriel Bjørsvik via Pekka Løvås’ “JADDA” video [link]


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  1. kader’s pop out on back smiths (not just this one but on most of his bs smiths) is out of this world. NASA needs to get him on the team

  2. I’m stoked to see a street grab in the mix. I’ve always been a fan. Not sure why street grabs get so much hate. If someone Maddona’d down a 10 stair that shit would be ham.

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