Antonio Durao — ‘Lawn Guy Land’ Part

QS has been singing the praises of Antonio’s skateboarding for damn near a decade now (since the Tony days!), so it felt like due time for a refresher to prime everyone for bigger things this year ♥

This one was filmed by Lloyd Richards, and includes perhaps the first-ever three-trick ledge line at Borough Hall that doesn’t utilize the steps once, and the Pyramid Ledges trick that Dre just ~happened~ to catch on his iPhone last summer, which went on to dominate “did you hear”-discourse for the next month.

Also felt compelled to put the kickflip into the narrow bank at 181 in here, as someone has brought it up every time we’ve been there since, and I’m not entirely sure it has made it further than an IG story?

Anyone sitting there pouting and ready to type, “Well, is 2 minutes really a *part*?” would be well advised to watch it twice, because four minutes is definitely a part ;)

P.S. The Hardbody Video coming soon.


  1. Tony is simply the best. That Wash Hts kickflip is so sketchy and understated (shout out to the legendary Albany x Bieber kickflip). Nose manny to 6 stair nollie at CBS = avant garde. Long hair Japan Air dont care = style guru. Nollie cab up a ledge to pedestrian half cab to hardflip death drop – who comes up with this kinda stuff?? Simply the best

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